Using Advanced Online Sportsbook Betting Analytics

As the entire sports betting industry continues to expand, so does the level of sophistication of actual recreational sports bettors. The pro handicappers have always been using advanced sports betting analytics to breakdown games. Yet, improving your skills has never been easier.

Through the use of today’s technology and specific proprietary software applications, the average sports bettor like yourself has a number of tools at your disposal to improve an overall winning percentage. Breaking down upcoming matchups and staying current on past results has never been easier. There is a wealth of valuable information right at your fingertips on a continuous basis.

Successfully handicapping the outcome of any sporting event is still an art. However, the science of sports betting has made this task a bit simpler for anyone who loves to bet on the games. It is rather easy to find a comprehensive listing of all the stats, facts and recent betting trends for every major betting sport. The trick these days is to find the best sources of information with the most pertinent numbers for breaking down the games.

There are a wealth of sports betting information sites that do an excellent job in delivering everything you need to handicap anything on the current betting board. These sites are updated on a continuous basis and they score high grades for thoroughness and accuracy.

The online sportsbooks themselves also do an excellent job at providing sports bettors with everything needed to bet the games. From expanded online betting boards to helpful betting guides, many of the top online books make it extremely easy to get in on all the action. They are still the best source for placing the actual bets in the sports betting industry today.

Most of the betting action that the online books take in still revolves around the major betting sports and basic wagering options. For example, plays against the spread and total line are the biggest bets for college football and the NFL. The same could be said for college basketball and the NBA.

Football and basketball remain the heaviest bet sports in the US. When you move to an international basis, soccer becomes a major player in the game. A straight bet using a game’s spread and/or total line still accounts for most of the revenue any online sportsbook takes in. However, the best betting value can often be found in the betting options outside this realm.

This could pertain to using the moneyline to bet football and basketball games, parlay bets and other exotics as well as betting team and player props for a particular matchup. Sometimes it can be easier to cash in on a player’s performance as opposed to betting on their team to cover the spread.

The best online sportsbook betting strategy is a diverse one. Using all the advanced analytics at your fingertips to break down various aspects of a game can help you find the best value in a wide range of betting options. This can range from the total going OVER the posted line to one team’s quarterback going OVER the posted prop for total touchdown throws in that game.

The deeper level of available information alone can be a very helpful handicapping tool. For example, knowing the betting trend for the home team getting points is good. Knowing that same team’s trend for getting points at home coming off a road win as a favorite is better. Knowing their record against the spread at home as an underdog when scoring first takes things to a whole new level.