Value Bets for MLB 5 Inning Lines

MLB 5 inning lines provide value when used right. Avid sports bettors have a good feel for how to use them.

MLB 5 Inning Lines Explained

The equivalent of the 5 inning line for MLB games would be the first half bet in a NFL football game. You are basically wagering on the outcome of half the game. The true value in betting MLB 5 inning lines for baseball lies in the quality of each team’s starting pitcher.

Pitching in general dictates betting lines in baseball. If two quality starters are set to face one another on the mound, the money line odds between the favorite and underdog will be tighter and the total line for an OVER/UNDER wager will be lower.

Today’s top-rated online sportsbooks do an excellent job of building out their MLB betting boards for each day’s lineup of games. This gives you the chance to shop those lines across a selection of quality online sports betting sites.

Examples of MLB 1st Half Odds

For example, the MLB money line at Book A for might be set at +115 for the Tampa Bay Rays as road underdogs. On the other side, you’ll see -125 for the New York Yankees as home favorite.

There is already some solid value in this listing as a dime line. The total for this game might be set at 8.5 runs. Baseball bettors are always looking for value.

Turning to the MLB 5 inning line, there may not be all that much variance in the money line unless one of the team’s ace is on the mound. Starters tend to last around six or seven innings if they are having a quality start. This stint more than covers the first five innings.

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Biggest MLB 5 Inning Lines Differences

The big difference in the betting lines covering the first five innings is with a game’s total. The actual betting total for the example above might be 4.5 runs.

If both the Rays and Yankees have quality starters on the mound. The automatic value in betting the five inning line is with the UNDER.

Online sportsbooks tend to release their MLB betting lines about a day in advance of an actual matchup.

You will be able to find the money line, run line and total line odds for the entire game. They will then release the five inning lines on the day of the game once the starting matchup on the mound has been confirmed.

Keep an Eye on Odds Before Opening Pitch

Part of the value in betting on MLB games comes from tracking the betting lines right up to the first pitch of any game you are looking to wager on. Unlike NFL and even NBA games, MLB betting markets expand the closer you get to the actual starting time. This includes options for game props along with five inning lines.

Even though each team’s starter is set a few days in advance, late scratches and changes to each team’s overall starting lineup does add some uncertainty to betting on the games. The best online sportsbooks for wagering on MLB games are offshore books with a wider range of betting options.

The best strategy for making the most out of MLB five innings line is to work with three or four offshore books. Then you’ll get the widest range of betting lines. Tracking those lines right up until the start of the game. You can place your bets when the value is the greatest. You could also wait until the game gets underway and bet it live.