What is Buying Points and How Can it Help You

Most sportsbooks allow players the option of buying points, but not all bettors take advantage of this betting feature. Buying points is a great way to increase your betting success rate on all sports.

However, there are some things to remember when buying points.


What Is Buying Points?

You don’t have to pay a sportsbook anything to buy points. Buying points is done on point spread bets and totals bets. This is when you adjust the spread or total in your favor to receive reduced odds.

On the point spread, you have two options. You can either subtract points from the favorite or add points to the underdog.

If you subtract points from the favorite, the team will have a smaller number to cover. If you add points to an underdog, the team could lose by extra points, and the bet would still hit.

You have two options when moving the line on the over/under as well. You can adjust the total down if you’re betting the over, or you can take the total up to bet the under.

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Put the Odds in YOUR Favor

This puts the odds in your favor and gives you a little more confidence to bet a tough line.

Each book has its own restrictions on the number of points that you can buy. However, most books allow you to buy between a half-point and three points.

If you buy three points, your odds will be reduced more than if you only buy a half-point. Moving a team up or down by three points can cut into your winnings.

Therefore, you really want to research how many points you should buy on a single contest.

It’s good to know that you shouldn’t have to buy points when you pay for sports picks.

How Can Buying Points Help You?

Buying points is a great way to help you win, but it shouldn’t be your main betting strategy. Buying points can be utilized with nearly all sports. However, the sports where it’s used most are football and basketball.

This option shouldn’t be used unless you feel it’s necessary for you to be able to win. This is because the house will often price points unfairly.

Spending money on points will cause your winning percentage to go up, but you won’t receive the payout you deserve. Most often, buying points doesn’t make or break a bet.

Let’s say you buy one point on Team A at -7 and make it -6. Team A ends up winning the contest by 10, so it would’ve hit on -7.

You won the bet, but you didn’t receive the amount you would’ve had you taken them at -7. This happens more often than not in sports betting when people buy points.

A half-point can cost you a good amount of money. The key with this is to use the option sparingly.

If you do research and you believe there’s a need to buy points, that’s okay. But it isn’t something that you should use every single day on your wagers. This way, you’ll maximize your winnings.

I think buying points is a great way to win when you’re not confident on a line or total. Remember to use point buying sparingly. If you do this, you’ll gain an advantage over the book.

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