Why NHL Grand Salami is a Fun Bet to Make

If you are not betting on the NHL, not only are you leaving money on the table, but also you really don’t know what you are missing. Hockey comes in a distant fourth in the “Big Four” of North American sports, with football, basketball and baseball accounting for a large share of betting action. Betting hockey offers many options, however none with the amount of fun betting the NHL Grand Salami offers.

Profitability and entertainment are the main reasons why betting the NHL Grand Salami is so fun.

The NHL Grand Salami works as the Grand Salami does in other sports, taking into account every game on the schedule that day. It works as your typical OVER/UNDER bet, with sportsbooks offering odds to whether the total number of goals on a given day will go OVER or UNDER the set total.

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The NHL Grand Salami also offers odds on HOME and AWAY goals, with the option to bet on a point spread or moneyline on the HOME team goals versus the AWAY team goals. The day of writing this, the NHL has 8 games on the schedule, and the odds for the NHL Grand Salami that day look like this:

Side                                       Total                                      Moneyline

Away Goals                                          +3.5-110                                                                                +205

Home Goals                                          -3.5-110                                                                                -225

OVER Goals                                                                                          O48.5-115

UNDER Goals                                                                                       U48.5-105

There are so many factors that can determine the outcome of the Grand Salami, and because of this, there is great value to be had wagering on this exotic bet. Oddsmakers have a difficult time creating accurate odds, which explains why more and more smart bettors are making this a popular bet. There are almost always the same amount of bettors on the Grand Salami OVER as there are on the UNDER, further evidence of how tough it is to handicap.

If you are a savvy bettor that knows a little more about hockey than most or even if you know where to find advanced analytics for National Hockey League stats, it is easy to be on the correct side of the Grand Salami more often than not. By using your knowledge of hockey on top of studying the numbers, Grand Salami bettors can do very well. Remember, you only need to win 52.4% of your bets to start turning a profit.

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Although winning your bets and making some extra money is a great reason why NHL Grand Salami is a fun bet to make, it is not the only reason. Maybe the biggest reason I love betting the NHL Grand Salami is because it provides a full night of entertainment. No matter if the OVER or the UNDER is your bet that day, you are either cheering for a ton of goals or some fantastic goaltending.

If you are planning a night out, or maybe you have NHL.tv and access to every game on the schedule. Maybe you are having some friends in, or are having some alone time, no matter what you are doing, a simple Grand Salami bet puts importance on every game. Having a vested interest in every game is exhilarating. Place a Grand Salami bet and see what I mean.

Take a few days and do some homework if you are not comfortable betting on this yet. You don’t even have to do any serious homework yet, all you have to do is write down the Grand Salami odds for that day. When all the games are completed, add up all the scores and see how close oddsmakers came to the correct total, or if they predicted home vs. away goals correctly.

It is not uncommon to see sportsbook numbers for odds for these bets to be far off. I have seen a total of 34 for six games be nearly doubled, with a Grand Salami total of 66. Conversely, I have also saw a Saturday total of 75 finish the day at 57. Do your homework and see.

How you can become a smarter hockey bettor

Doing just a little bit of research on the form of teams playing that day, how the starting goalies have been playing, or if there are any hot players going against a lousy defense, all of these factors will have a direct impact on the amount of goals scored on that night.

Simply researching the road and home teams will reveal a lot of useful information, giving you the advantage. So don’t be afraid to get in and study the numbers for a while.

The time is now for you to change your mindset from being a sports bettor into a sports investor, and wagering on the NHL Grand Salami is where to start. It is easy to see why NHL Grand Salami is a fun bet to make. Not only is it highly entertaining, but it also provides a ton of value to the smart bettor.