More and more US sports fans are now adding some more excitement to the action on the field, court or ice with a few sports bets on the game. The sports betting industry across the country and around the world continues to expand at a rapid base. While betting on sports is rather easy to do, creating a positive return on your investment can be a whole other story. The industry leaders in the sports betting industry are still the offshore sportsbooks catering to the US market through their online betting sites. These pioneers actually started the online sports betting industry back in the 1990’s and they continue to take in billions of dollars of revenue today. Online Sportsbooks Raise the Bar for US Sports Bettors At first glance, you would think that there is an adversarial relationship between sports bettors and online sportsbooks. Bettors are always looking for an edge against the books and you often hear the term “beat the books” used to describe a betting strategy. The reality of this relationship is that nobody bets to lose. However, the online books already know that the majority of sports bettors will lose more than they will win. There is a certain level of gamesmanship between the bettors and the books but the industry flourishes on one common denominator; commission. The standard commission on a bet is 10 percent and that is the main way online books make money. Their primary goal is to balance out the money bet on either side of a game and pocket the 10 percent. Online books also know that the general betting public tends to lean towards betting favorites and the OVER on the total line. This is actually a built-in edge for the books since they can set their betting lines accordingly. If more money is naturally going to go towards favorites and the OVER, books will actually give the slight edge to underdogs and the UNDER when setting their betting lines and odds. What Makes an Online Sportsbook a Top-Rated Site? This theory gets amplified when it comes to marquee matchups in any major betting sport. NFL teams such as New England, Green Bay and Dallas are also going to draw more action when set as a favorite. You have the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA and the New York Yankees in MLB games as two other professional sports franchises with a heavy betting base. Nationally televised games are also heavily bet due to the fact that sports fans love to watch the games they bet on. This is not as big a betting phenomenon as it used to be with the advent of streaming services to watch every game in a certain sport, but online books still react accordingly if the Patriots, Packers or Cowboys are playing in prime time. What online sportsbooks do best is bring variety to the sports betting equation. While the majority of the total revenue generated by sports betting in the US is still on straight bets using the pointspread and total line for football and basketball games, that is just a very small portion of the actual betting options on the board at an average online book. One of the best ways to climb out of the box while also improving your winning percentage is by expanding your overall sports betting strategy. A good starting point is by studying everything an online book has to offer for the actual sports you bet on. The Legalities of Online Sportsbook Betting Along with the standard pointspread and total line for any NFL game, there are also game, team and player prop bet options listed as you get closer to kickoff. You can also bet every major sport on the moneyline odds that set up an added risk for betting the favorite and a higher reward for betting the underdog straight-up in a head-to-head matchup.

The sports betting industry in the US is booming these days. Last year’s changes to the law allowing individual states to determine the legality of sports betting within their borders is part of the driving force. The other big gateway to expansion is offshore sportsbooks catering to the US market. Sportsbooks | Reviews of Best Online Sports Betting Sites The legality of sports betting in the US was always a grey issue due to antiquated federal laws. With individual states in charge of their own gambling laws, it has become a much more favorable environment for offshore books taking action online. There may still be some restrictions in place on a state-by-state level, but for the most part it is perfectly legal to bet on your favorite sports at an online sportsbook of your choice. What the changes to the law have really created is a much more competitive environment throughout the US sports betting industry. The top offshore books have risen to the challenge with even more features and benefits for their online customers. There are a number of different ways to evaluate any online sports betting venue starting with selection. The start-up books in states with legal betting are trying to close the gap with the established online sportsbook industry, but at this point in time, they have a ways to go. Here is a quick look at a few ways the top online sportsbooks have risen the bar for US sports bettors. Betting Options and Selection Most of the action at online books is centered on straight bets using a pointspread for sports such as football and basketball. Moneyline odds are more prevalent in betting on baseball and hockey. That being said, variety is the spice of life and most avid bettors are looking for new and exciting ways to bet on their favorite sporting event. Beating Your Sportsbook With Alternative Lines Whether you are looking for prop bet options, expanded exotics or live in-game wagering, an expanded menu of betting options can always be found at the top-rated online books. Some books go out of their way to come up with new and exciting ways to bet on a wide variety of sporting events. Most books also offer an extended racebook for betting on horses along with an online casino equipped with slots and live-dealer table games. Bonus Programs and Promotional Offers One of the biggest ways the top online books have raised the bar is an expanded selection of bonus offers, on-site promotions and incentives. It is easier than ever to earn cash back that can extend your overall online betting bankroll. The Legalities of Online Sportsbook Betting While there is always going to be rollover requirements attached to any bonus offer, many books have lowered their rollovers so more recreational sports bettors can participate. There are also more promotional offers in place covering all of your online gambling needs. Most online racebooks offer a cash-back rebate incentive on all your online betting action, win or lose. You can earn separate bonus offers for all of your online casino play. One of the most popular incentives for avid sports bettors is “reduced juice” options for certain types of bets. Multiple Banking Options for Deposits and Withdrawals Setting up an online sports betting account has never been easier at online books. From credit and debit cards to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there are a wide variety of ways to fund your account. Making withdrawal requests on winnings is also a streamlined process with most payments processed within 24 hours. What Makes an Online Sportsbook a Top-Rated Site? The vast experience and high level of expertise that long-standing online sportsbooks bring to the table is the No. 1 reason they are still the market leaders in a rapidly expanding industry. Savvy US sports bettors know how to leverage this edge to enhance their online sports betting experience.

The busy season is the best time of the year to get your sportsbook online and making serious money. If you are a bookie no matter how big or small, then you must get in on the hottest trend in the industry, the pay per head trend. Bookies are discovering the benefits are unbeatable and now you can have a free pay per head in New England. No matter where you are, there is a PPH sportsbook for you. The New England bettors come strong this time of the year for one reason, the Patriots. Find the best PPH in the industry and give the betting public in New England what they have been asking for. The industry at large is booming and no matter where you may find yourself now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The price is right! The best PPH providers in the industry are charging between $7-$10 per head. The way this works is as follows: Example – You have 40 players and the weekly forecast on who’s going to place bets and who will not is unpredictable. What you do know and what you hope for is for them all to place bets. You for sure want the cross action. Here is how you get charged: For every player, you have that places at least one wager, you are charged one time for the fiscal week for that player. Let’s suppose that you have opted for the $10 option. This gives you all the bells and whistles. The player can phone in bets to the toll-free number from the United States, they can bet online, as well as bet in the casino and racebook. The charge per player for one week of unlimited action in your sportsbook is $10. Nothing more, nothing less. You get the full-service for one fee per week, per player. There are no hidden charges, no hidden taxes, and no-nonsense. Your player may place one bet, or they may place 50 bets or however many bets they chose to play for the one low price to you. Most bookies set a bet minimum, such as $20. If you elect to set the minimum at even a $10 minimum, you have paid for the PPH fee for the week. They, of course, may beat you and you may end up paying them, but you didn’t pay a PPH fee. If they gambled with you, they paid the fee.   How does a PPH benefit you? The PPH does all of the work. Your client places their bets online at your website the PPH provided and built for you for free. You get a turnkey ready, online sportsbook with a real .com address and you are the owner of the site. When your players want to gamble at any time of day or night, now they can do so. You no longer have to put up with phone calls and grading bet slips. You no longer have to place bets for the client. If there is a problem, they can call the PPH directly and place their bet or you can call them at any time. You are now in control of your own destiny with the automatic player and financial reports. You can keep a handle on who’s beating you and exactly how every dollar is being spent. Gone are the days of wild guesswork and wondering what the numbers are. Now you are in control of your money and your sportsbook. Your players will love the fact that you are online. Let’s face it, they don’t want to call you, they don’t want to find you, they simply want to place bets and play in the casino. Now you are online, and they can play at any time of the day or night and not bother you until they need to deposit!   Get your free sportsbook up and running in New England. This year is going to be better than ever and the good news; the Patriots are no longer a lock to cover every game. They may even struggle to win more than a few of this year\'s matchups. Call the PPH provider and ask them for a free trial offer and the free sportsbook and casino that come with it. Start today, earn today.   More pay per head tips: What is Price Per Head? Choose our Bookie Software We Are a Pay Per Head Sportsbook What is Pay Per Head? How to Be a Bookie  

The top 25 teams in the nation garner the most betting action at online sportsbooks when it comes to the overall betting handle for college football. Teams such as Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State are consistently in the media spotlight and the general betting public tends to gravitate towards their weekly games. College Football Underdogs the Way to Go The betting public also focuses most of its attention on the matchups that will be broadcast nationally. The average bettor loves to be able to watch the games they bet on. However, from a value standpoint, betting the games that are not on the national radar makes the most sense. There are five major conferences in Division IA (FSB) college football. Everyone is familiar with the teams in the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC. The other five conferences in this division are the Mid Majors. This list is made up of the AAC, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt. Sportsbooks - Reviews of Best Online Sports Betting Sites The Mid Majors are often times an afterthought for bettors but that should not be the case. In reality, the best betting value on the board can be found in a few of these matchups. The betting lines tend to be much sharper for games featuring nationally ranked teams. Oddsmakers have to spend the majority of their time breaking down these matchups so a few Mid Major tilts are bound to fall through the cracks. Mid Major Home Conference The first step to successfully betting Mid Majors is sticking with a home conference. Most likely, you will want to go with one that is geographically close to where you live. This will give you the local edge when it comes to following certain teams. The local media is going to cover a Mid Major program far more closely than the national media. This will give you much more accurate information when it comes to player personnel. Bookie Software - Reviews of Best Online Pay Per Head Services The main benefit of sticking with one home conference is overall familiarity. It is far easier to become knowledgeable about 10 to 12 teams that play one another each season as opposed to trying to breakdown matchups all over the country. Time zones for the games can be a factor. If you live on the East Coast, it gets tough to follow many of the games in the Mountain West. Mid Major Rivalry Showdowns As mentioned, gaining a higher level of familiarity with certain teams can lead to better predictability when it comes to the outcome of their games. This is especially true in the Mid Majors when it comes to head-to-head matchups between rivals. Most of the best rivalries in all of college football are based on geography. Both teams reside in the same state. The overall length of the rivalry is another key factor. Recent results leaning one way or the other are important betting trends. There is still a very high level of emotion at the college level. To some of these players, beating a college rival as perceived underdogs can be the highlight of their football career. Getting points at home in a Mid Major rivalry is a great starting point for finding the best betting value in that week’s overall schedule. Mid Major Parity There are a few Mid Major programs that consistently gain attention on a national level. Central Florida out of the AAC and the Mountain West’s Boise State Broncos come to mind. However, the majority of the teams in Mid Majors can beat one another on any given Saturday. Learn How to bet on NCAA Football? The overall depth of talent on these teams is not that deep, so key injuries can play a huge role in the handicapping process. So can weather and field conditions and everything else that has an impact on the outcome of a game. This is where those local media sources can really help the cause.

There are many ways to run a business, and we all know there is no magical formula for it. Some ideas just hit home right away, while others take a while or need to go through adjustments for them to be successful. It’s all good, as long as you have a plan and have analyzed what works for you, things will most probably go the right way. However, there are ways that will always guarantee some safety for you and your money, ways to take care of things so that you always end up un top, and that is what Price per Head has come to do for you in the sports betting industry, give you a safety net so that you learn how to walk and then how to fly.   Start your own Sports Betting Shop Being a bookie has never been as easy as it is today. Price per Head gives you the chance to start your business in a matter of a few days and with just a small investment. You don’t need 100 players to start, it’s ok if you have 3, 5 or 10 players, that’s all you need to start. A PPH service provider of your choice will make sure things are 100% ready for you to start your business, and your players will then have access to a World Class betting shop. It will be all downhill from there. By starting small you can be sure that your risk will always be low; if you have 5 players and the PPH weekly fee is $10 per head, for example, all you’re going to have to invest that first week is $50. Your PPH provider will give you your very own website, the software, the reports, the Customer Service, wagering clerks and everything else you need for it to be a real successful operation. Remember, you, as a bookie, will be in charge of settling with your players, but if you’re starting small, again, your risk is quite low and will give you the chance to go on for a few weeks before you feel ready to jump into something bigger. What comes next for your Price per Head operation? After you’re comfortable with the way things are going and you feel ready to take the next step, then it’s time to think bigger. It’s time for you to go out and look for more players, promote yourself as the bookie you are and your world-class sports betting operation. Now you know how things work, you’re familiar with your reports, hopefully you’ll already have good money saved up, profits. Once you’re ready to take this step to the next level, your PPH provider will help you move forward, create different websites, optimize your lines and markets, make sure your new players feel at home. What’s probably most important here is that you really know that, from now on, you’re not alone, you have a whole Price per Head operation giving you support and assistance, and that is a whole new ball game, because it means safety, quality and of course, money. Ready to start? Let us be your guide, contact us now! Learn more about Pay Per Head: 1.  A1PPH Highlights Your Strengths and Transforms Your Weakness in Bookmaking 2. Buffer Zone Establishment for Your Clients 3. Enduring Qualities of Bookies and Pay Per Heads 4. Vast Online Casino Options For the Crowd Adverse

College football is unlike any other sport. There are countless games to wager on each week. With the 2019 college football season starting this month, we wanted to discuss betting underdogs. The majority of the betting public focuses their attention to the big match-ups every week. A lot of casual bettors will only wager on teams that are ranked because that’s all they follow. By doing this, many college football bettors miss out on a lot of underdogs with value. In this article, I’m going to discuss some ways to help you identify college football underdogs to bet on. How to bet on Football? Every week we publish NCAAF previews and predictions with plenty of underdogs. We recommend betting on small underdogs by betting the money line instead of the ATS to increase the payout odds. ● Home Underdogs College football teams have huge home advantages and I love to target small home underdogs. It’s tough for college students to deal with the travel and the opposing team’s fans when on the road. Home underdogs have performed even better when targeting conference match-ups. Most teams in the same conference have built up rivalries and always play each other as tough as possible. ● Target Overhyped Teams Every year teams get overhyped, especially those with big fan bases. When’s the last time Michigan was a contender? Yet every year Wolverines fans expect to win the National Championship. See the most trending news Bookies primarily adjust to the action they’re getting on games. There will be games every season where the public heavily bet hyped teams against teams from smaller conferences. Take a look at these games, as there’s often value betting on the underdog SU or ATS. ● Statistical/Matchup Edges With so many NCAAF games each week and many of them not garnering a ton of action, there will be plenty of times when the wrong team is favored and you can bet the underdog at plus money. The more time you spend researching matchups and statistics, the more often you’ll uncover games where the underdog has been the better performing team and should be favored. ● Injuries There’s always late injury news hitting the newswire on Saturdays during the season. If you see that an important player has been ruled out for the favored team, jump on the underdog before the line moves. Being on top of injury news across the nation can be profitable. Check out the TOP Online Sportsbooks Bookies are much more concerned with the games that will have big handles. They aren’t following the injury news for every game and neither is the betting public. In college football, missing a key piece on offense (QB/WR/RB) can change the entire dynamic of the team. Are you ready for the college football season? Make sure you keep coming back for our NCAAF previews and predictions every week during the college football season. Remember, you need to win a small percentage of your wagers when you’re betting on underdogs to win on the money line. With so many underdogs cashing each week in CFB, it’s a good idea to look at the opening lines every week and bet underdogs that should be favored based on your analysis.

It used to be said that only degenerates would bet on the NFL preseason. However, that’s no longer the case. In fact, betting on NFL preseason games is more popular than ever. While it’s true that preseason games don’t count for anything, there’s still value to be found. You have to be more selective with your preseason bets and stick to straight bets. Don’t bother with parlays, teasers or other exotic bets until the regular season starts and teams are playing to win. Follow the Money Betting on the NFL preseason has become more popular among casual bettors in recent years, but bookmakers estimate 50%-70% of preseason action is from professional handicappers. Find NFL game previews and predictions With that being said, the best tip I can give you is to follow the money. What I mean by that, is to identify where the sharp money is going and jump on that. You don’t want to bet on every game either. Only bet on the best opportunities. Here’s a recent example from the 2019 Hall of Fame Game between the Broncos and Falcons. The Falcons opened up as high as a -2.5 point favorite. Sharps quickly started throwing money at the Broncos. The line began moving and ended up closing with the Broncos as -2.5 favorites. Line moves can be more drastic during the preseason because sharp money can quickly move lines when there isn’t as much public money keeping the book balanced. Follow the News Every team will have position battles heading into the preseason, some more important than others. It’s also important to know how much time starters are expected to play. Starters will generally ease into action and play more in the final two weeks. A team integrating a lot of new starters may opt to play them more throughout the preseason to build chemistry. Learn How to Bet on Football Targeting teams that are playing their starters longer is often a viable strategy. I also like to target teams with battles at important positions. For example, if two QBs are going to be fighting for the starting job in the preseason, they’ll both be playing the best football they can. Veteran back-up QBs often perform better than younger counterparts during the preseason as well due to limiting mistakes. Always look at the QB depth chart before placing a preseason bet. History/Trends Preseason trends can prove profitable. Some coaches simply don’t care about the preseason and have terrible records because they don’t game plan to win. They just want to examine players. Take the Falcons for example. They’ve lost nine consecutive preseason games. They went 0-4 during the 2017 and 2018 NFL preseason. Head coach Dan Quinn is 4-13 in preseason games. Start Betting on the 2019 NFL Preseason Week 1 of the NFL preseason is underway. This is a great week to watch as many games as you can to see how teams are performing and then get ready for the remaining three weeks of preseason. Summertime Online Sports Betting Tips The NFL preseason is still fairly unpredictable, as teams aren’t motivated. You can do the research and pick the team that should win, but that doesn’t always happen when the games don’t matter. To win money during the NFL preseason it’s important to limit the number of bets you make weekly. Target value spots where you can identify where the sharp money is and you’ll do fine. Even a small NFL preseason profit sets your bankroll up well for the regular season.

Week one of the NFL Preseason is set to begin on Thursday, August 8, and football fans can’t wait to place bets on their favorite teams. It can be extremely hard to predict how preseason games will go, but we have identified four of the best games to bet on in week 1 of the preseason. All four of our picks will feature the home team winning the game, as that’s the best way to bet on the NFL preseason at least in week 1. Let’s take a look at each game with a quick breakdown of the matchup. Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers: The Chicago Bears were the surprise team in the National Football League a year ago, and they should be stacked again this season. Carolina comes into 2019 with high hopes, but they still have a ton of improving to do before they can start thinking about the playoffs. Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy is extremely aggressive, and he will play this game like it’s the Super Bowl. The Bears have a very large playbook, and they will have plenty of trick plays in this game. Carolina has a ton of question marks entering the season, and they will be using the preseason to fill out their roster. The Chicago Bears are winning this game over the Panthers. Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins: There is plenty of hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns heading into 2019, and this could be a team that is dangerous come playoff time. The Browns will take on the Washington Redskins in week one of the preseason, and the Redskins are a complete mess. Washington will be without their top quarterback, and their season went downhill in a hurry a season ago. Even though it is a preseason game, expect the Browns to use this game as a starting point in 2019. Washington is going to have a miserable 2019 season, and it’s gonna be an ugly preseason opener for the Redskins. Cleveland is going to give their fans a great show in the preseason opener in beating the Washington Redskins. Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders: The Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams squared off twice last season, and the Rams made quick work of their in-state rival. The Rams were in the Super Bowl just a season ago, but didn’t put up a very good fight in falling to the New England Patriots. The Oakland Raiders will be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this fall, and those teams usually perform well in the preseason. Oakland will have a ton of first round draft picks on the field in this game, and they will all be trying to impress the coaching staff. The Rams will likely give most of their regulars this game off, and they will have a glorified practice squad on the field. Los Angeles will have a much better regular season than the Raiders will, but Oakland is going to win the preseason opener. Detroit Lions vs. New England Patriots: Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is a disciple of Bill Belichick, and he will have his team ready to take on the defending Super Bowl champions. The Lions still have a ton of work to do before they are ready to compete for a playoff spot, but they should put up a good performance in this game. Belichick is notorious for giving his best players almost the entire preseason schedule off, and you won’t see the normal Patriots players on the field in this game. New England is going to be a tough team to beat come playoff team once again, but they aren’t going to show up in this game. Bet the Detroit Lions over the New England Patriots in the preseason opener.   No matter, who you are betting for NFL Preseason Week 1- get your bets in early and often. A great place to head when you want a pay per head bookie is   More pay per head tips: 1.   Player Management Reports With Pay Per Head Bookie Software 2.   Pay Per Head Bookie Software Cash Flow Reports 3.   Pay Per Head “Adjust the Juice” Options 4.   Automated Player Reports

The month of July presses on in what could be considered one of the slowest times of the year for sports betting at online sportsbooks. The start of another season of football both in the college ranks and the NFL is more than a month away and the only real daily action on the board is MLB regular season games. Summertime Sports Betting at Online Sportsbooks Football diehards can turn their attention north of the boarder where the CFL season is in full swing. The best thing about betting on this league is a weekly schedule of just four games. With four teams in the East Division and five in the West, it does not take all that much effort to quickly get up to speed from a handicapping standpoint. Some bettors complain about all the rule changes between CFL games and the NFL. Yet, this is still basically the same sport that everyone loves to bet on. The two main differences is a much bigger field up north with just three chances to make a first down as opposed to four. There are ways to score just one point on punts and kickoffs, but betting on the CFL can be an excellent way to sharpen your skills ahead of the upcoming NFL games. Getting to know the CFL quarterbacks is a great first step. The passing game takes precedence in this league given the rule differences. How to Bet On Football – Betting the CFL There are some great gunslingers up north such as Mike Reilly for the British Columbia Lions and Trevor Harris for the Edmonton Eskimos. Unfortunately, through the first six weeks of play, those two teams have combined to win just four of 11 total games played. The top two teams in the CFL this season are the East Division’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the West’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The highlight of this week’s games is a Week 7 matchup between these two teams on Friday night. The Tiger-Cats are 4-1 both straight-up and against the spread through their first five games only to be outdone by the Blue Bombers at a perfect 5-0 SU and ATS. Each team has an offense that is putting up at least 30 points a game complementing a defense that is holding opposing teams to 20 points or less. Sports Betting – Improve Your Handicapping Skills If you are looking for some basketball betting action this time of the year, things continue to heat up in the WNBA. The top eight teams in the 12-team league are separated by just 2.5 games between first place and eighth. The quality of play has never been better with so many competitive teams. The top two teams in the standings are the Connecticut Sun at 12-6 in the Eastern Conference and the Las Vegas Aces with the identical record in the Western Conference. The Aces have been the hottest team lately with eight SU wins in their last 10 games. Once again, the relatively small size of this league makes it easy to handicap. The top matchups are carried by ESPN2 and online at ESPN3. Weekend games are featured on ABC and NBA TV will also televise a few of the games. The Legalities of Online Sportsbook Betting The steady staple of betting action this time of year is still all the daily MLB games on the board. Avid bettors already know that there is a ton of value betting on MLB games. The primary bet is the moneyline and the total line for each game, but you can usually find some good value on the run line when betting favorites. Bookie Software | Reviews of Best Online Pay Per Head Services Another great option is the 5 inning line, which is a true matchup between each team’s starting pitcher. Betting options on the UNDER when a pair of aces are on the mound is often a solid play. As is the OVER for five innings when two teams deep into their rotation square off.

Toronto just held its parade for the new NBA champs and Las Vegas and the rest of betting world has already focused its attention on the 2019/20 NBA Championship race. Futures odds are already up on board at most of the top online books and specialty bets are already being released. Las Vegas is still the sports betting capital of the world when it comes to land-based betting venues. More and more states are joining in with land-based sportsbooks of their own, but Las Vegas still leads the way when it comes to the sheer volume and diversity of things to bet on. Sportsbooks | Reviews of Best Online Sports Betting Sites Taking the lead for next season in the NBA, Caesars Sportsbook posted an interesting futures prop between all four California teams and the other 26 NBA teams in terms of winning next season’s league title. The betting odds that either the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers would win the title were set at +175 for YES. The betting odds for the rest of the field were set at -210. Despite the fact that the Warriors have won the Western Conference five years in a row while also winning three world titles, this team appears to be dead and buried after losing this year’s NBA Finals in six games. The future of Kevin Durant is up in the air, but bettors seem to forget just how good Golden State was before he came to town. There is a huge buzz surrounding the Lakers as actual favorites to win it all with Anthony Davis set to join LeBron James in that team’s starting lineup. This is a perfect example of knee-jerk reactions by the betting public. They will continue to drive that betting futures down over the summer, but that was just the first of what should be a very active offseason for player movement by a few of the league’s biggest names. The LA Clippers and Kings are just add-on teams to make the futures bet a bit more interesting. However, if the Clippers are able to add an elite player or two this offseason, they would boost the value in this betting prop. In a recent piece posted on, Caesars Sportsbook head of risk Jeff Davis was quoted as saying: Bookie Software | Reviews of Best Online Pay Per Head Services You’re not putting up the prop to get money on the prop. You’re putting up the prop to drive interest in your business.” In a general consensus among a few of the top online sportsbooks taking action on NBA futures right now, you can get the Lakers at +330 and you can get the Warriors at +1000. It would make the most sense to place a small wager on each of these teams to win it all. The LA Clippers are also listed at +1000 and the betting odds Sacramento wins it all are set at +5000. As far as the betting odds for the top teams in the field, the defending champions are set at +1000 with Kawhi Leonard’s future in Toronto still up in the air. The Milwaukee Bucks have the best odds in this group at +700. Assuming the Bucks keep their current lineup intact while filling in some holes here and there, they probably offer the best value on the board right now. Betting Special Props – Politics, Entertainment, World Events You could also look at the Philadelphia 76ers as an early value play. They were able to take Toronto to a Game 7 which they lost on a miracle game-winning shot by Leonard. Philly’s betting odds are set at +1200 in light of some free agent issues with players such as Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris still up in the air. Getting back to betting Cali vs. The Field, I would take a pass on that bet right now. If it remains on the board at Caesars, I would still track the betting odds as the summer wears on.