A new season of football in the NFL starts on Sept 10 with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Houston Texans on Thursday night. A full complement of games fill the following Sunday’s schedule and there are two more games on Monday night as part of the Week 1 betting board. Be sure your sportsbooks NFL Regular season props. Regular Season Props The best way to bet on the games is through your favorite online sportsbook offering a full set of lines, odds and props. You can also group bets together into parlays, teasers and if-bets. If you are really looking to add some more excitement to the action on the field, online books also offer live in-game betting options that start after the ball has been kicked off. Bookie Software | Reviews of Best Online Pay Per Head Services Ahead of Week 1 in the NFL, online betting sites also offer any number of ways to bet on the 2020 regular season as a whole. These special season-long props cover team and player performances. Betting season-long props is a great way to follow all the NFL action from Week 1 right through Week 17. These prop bet options also offer some of the best betting value you can find on the board. A great starting point is your favorite teams. Projected Wins One of the most popular regular season team props is projected wins. This can give you a really good feeling for how all 32 teams are expected to play this season. Kansas City has one of the highest win projections (11 ½) in the entire league as defending Super Bowl Champs. The current betting odds on that total favor the OVER 11 ½ wins at -140. America’s Bookie Getting You Ready for the 2020 Football Season It could be a long season for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Washington Football Team. The Jaguars have the lowest projected win total in the NFL at 4 ½ and Washington is a close second at 5 ½. The odds slightly favor the OVER for Jacksonville at -120. They are also set at -120 for the OVER on Washington. Along with the Baltimore Ravens, you can get +375 odds that the Chiefs win the most games of any NFL team this season. The odds that the Jaguars lose the most games top the board at +250. QB Props When it comes to betting props for individual players, the quarterback position tops the list. There are prop odds posted for every team’s starter covering the OVER/UNDER on: Total passing yards Total touchdown throws Total interceptions Total completions For example, the prop odds favor the OVER at -125 on a total of 4699 ½ passing yards for Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. His projected touchdown passes for the season are 36 ½ with the odds favoring the OVER at -165. One of the biggest offseason stories was Tom Brady leaving New England to play quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His total passing yards this season have been set at 4225 ½ with -130 odds he goes OVER that total. Tampa Bay was ranked No. 1 in the NFL in passing yards per game last season with Jameis Winston taking the majority of the snaps at quarterback. Three Steps to Becoming a Smarter Bettor Replacing Brady in New England is former Carolina starter Cam Newton. He is still fighting in camp for the starting job but the posted odds for the OVER 3250 ½ total passing yards are -130. The odds are set at -120 for the OVER and UNDER on 22 ½ touchdown throws.

Football fans should be ecstatic. The 2020 football is here and it is happening. It’s great news for football bettors too. For those smarter bettors in the mix, America’s Bookie is getting you prepared for an exciting and prosperous season. America’s Bookie is one of the best online sportsbooks in the business with over 12 years of providing outstanding bookie services. Making it this long in the business is proof enough that the company knows what it is doing. AMERICA’S BOOKIE WEEKLY FOOTBALL SQUARES CONTEST IS BACK There is no other sportsbook you will need this football season. America’s Bookie has you covered with an expanded betting board, weekly football contests, and much more. America’s Bookie 33 Club When you open an account with America’s Bookie with a deposit of $300 or more, you can play the weekly 33 Club. You will pick an NFL team for the season. At any point during the season, if your team scores exactly 33 points in a game you will win $333. Regardless of if you actually bet on the actual game, when your team hits 33 points you win. It’s that simple. Weekly Squares Members also have the opportunity to get into the Weekly Squares competition. You’ve probably played the squares game during a Super Bowl. It’s the same idea only with a selected game of the week. To enter, you must make a deposit between Monday and Friday before the selected game. Just like Super Bowl squares, there are 100 squares and you will get one. You have two chances to win.  One winner is picked based on the halftime score and the other on the final score. The halftime winner receives half of the deposit made that week. The final score winner receives the full amount of their deposit. Expanded Betting Board One of the reasons why America’s Bookie is the top-rated online sportsbook for U.S. bettors is its expanded options for the large number of sports and sporting events available. Bettors can find lines and odds on virtually every NFL and college football game played during the 2020 season. There are also a variety of wager types. In addition to traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets; America’s Bookie offers quarters and halves bets as well as everything from parlays to teasers and pleasers.  The smarter bettor likes options and America’s Bookie has them. Gambler’s Insurance Even when you lose at America’s Bookie, you win. Players can receive 10 percent gambler’s insurance, which is helpful since we all know that there will come a time when a bettor suffers through a losing streak. Not many offshore sportsbooks offer gambler’s insurance. These are the little things that set America’s Bookie apart from the competition. Make navigating that streak a little easier with gambler’s insurance. Players can get 10 percent cash back on their monthly net losses. If your net losses were $1000 for the month, you would get $100 cash back in the form of free plays.  Bonuses If gambler’s insurance isn’t enough, America’s Bookie gets you ready for the 2020 football season with all sorts of bonuses and incentives. Get a nice bonus on your first deposit and then benefit from an up to 100 percent bonus on re-deposits.  There are also bonuses for referring friends. Receive a 10 percent bonus for one referral and 30 percent for a third. With weekly contests like the 33 Club and Weekly Squares as well as gambler’s insurance, a number of bonuses, and an expanding betting board; the smarter bettor will choose America’s Bookie this football season.

The NBA is one of the hardest sports to beat when betting. However, beating the NBA during the playoffs is even more challenging. NBA Playoff betting is fun and exhilarating. While that isn\'t to say that you shouldn\'t be betting on the NBA playoffs. It\'s essential to understand that the NBA can be beat, and the playoffs can be beaten as well. So how does one beat what might well be one of the most challenging sports in what is a historically volatile period of time? BETTING THE NBA PLAYOFFS AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS Keep these tips in mind, and there is no doubt that you\'ll be able to stay one step ahead of the NBA and crush your wagers. Favorites are Crushing So far, in the bubble, favorites are owning their respective series, and Smarter Bettors have been all over them. The Heat (favored) swept the Pacers, covering in three of four games. The Trail Blazers, who were dogs in only one game, have been eviscerated in every game following Game 1. The Bucks have covered three games in a row after dropping Game 1. The Celtics covered three out of four games in their series win over the 76ers. Also, the defending champion Raptors annihilated the Nets in four games.   NBA Teams Boycott Game 5! 2020 NBA Playoffs!   The Jazz-Nuggets, Clippers vs. Mavericks, and Rockets vs. Thunder series have been much more competitive. The notion of simply zig-zagging game to game (betting the opposite side each consecutive game) is not in play for anyone trying to make a profit. This makes it challenging for most folks that are used to riding \"sharp\" teams otherwise getting crushed. The rate at which favorites are covering in the bubble is 53%. This is almost a winning percentage, especially if you are more selective, avoiding the closely set series mentioned above. Rather than \"overthinking\" the platforms, you need to be a little \"square\" with your wagers. This may be a chalky playoffs compared to last season when the underdog Raptors went on a historic run. It’s important to keep your head on a swivel when you’re talking about NBA Playoff betting. Especially that we\'re wagering on games in the bubble, don\'t count out that fatigue and injuries are far less significant as teams don\'t have to worry about fatigue or the wear and tear of cross-country travel schedules. Buying Sports Picks is a Winning Strategy Overs are Plentiful Similar to favorites, overs are being crushed at a steady pace. Games in the bubble are going over at a 55% percent pace, which means that if you blindly bet every single over at a 10 cent line, you would be making a profit. There are some things you must remember before you start betting the NBA. While some speculated that the bubble may be awkward or unfamiliar for new players, the truth is, those individuals (including this author) were dead wrong. Players have stated that they are seeing the rim better because it\'s a darkened arena, there are no fans, and they feel more rested than if they had been required to travel across the country. While it obviously remains to be seen if these trends hold out throughout the rest of the playoffs, in the short term, when trends are moving in a certain direction, the momentum tends to carry itself. Keep betting favorites and overs, and there is no doubt that you\'ll be able to walk away from the 2020 NBA playoffs and NBA Playoff betting with a little more money in your pocket.

Successful sports bettors develop a strategy, make a few adjustments to that strategy, and stick to that strategy to make long-run gains. One of the elements of a bettor’s winning strategy is buying sports picks. Yes, there are some who simply don’t believe in paying for sports betting picks, but they can be the backbone of a winning wagering strategy. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AMERICA’S BOOKIE EXPANDED BETTING BOARD Bettors and professional handicappers alike will soon have the opportunity to come together at Smarter Bettor, a hub for both. Cappers selling picks and bettors in search of their services can connect. What is a Pick Service If you’re unfamiliar, a betting picks service is a professional sports handicapping company that provides sports bettors predictions for a fee. Most services operate on some sort of subscription basis. Bettors can buy picks for a certain period of time - a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Ask Yourself Before purchasing sports betting picks, you should ask yourself a few questions. One is in regards to bankroll. Is your bankroll $100 a month and you routinely lay down bets of $1 to $5? If that is you and you only make a few bets a week, you might think twice about purchasing betting picks. However, if you have a larger bankroll and you bet on a daily basis - or would like to bet on a daily basis - buying picks is for you. It also helps to know your betting style as well as how much time you actually put into betting. We all have our lives and sometimes we just don’t have the time to put in enough research to make a good wager. Buying betting picks can help and becoming part of a capper network will increase your options and changes of winning more bets. Who Buys Picks? Well, if you’re a newbie and don’t know much about sports betting, buying sports picks can help you get acclimated and compete with more experienced bettors. Even if you’re not a new bettor, you can still buy picks. [caption id=\"attachment_790\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] We all need a little help[/caption] Experienced bettors that are not satisfied with their overall record are candidates for buying betting picks. The purchase of picks can help them increase their winning percentage. There are some bettors that would like to wager more on individual games, but they are hesitant. They have made some money in the past, but would like to “up” their game. Buying sports picks can help that bettor feel more confident in making larger wagers. The biggest advantage of buyings sports betting picks is convenience. The time saved in having a professional find the data and do the research is simply worth it to those who buy picks. It’s really no different than investing in the stock market. The average person doesn’t know enough about a particular stock or index fund. That’s why he or she hires a broker to ensure they are making a good choice.  The handicappers at SmarterBettor.com will simply be offering similar services. They know the game and understand lines, betting odds and much more. They do the work in helping bettors make good decisions on their wagers.  Whether it is betting picks or advice on which sportsbook to choose, bettors can find all the information they need at Smarter Bettor.

Information is a premium in this world, and it’s especially true within the world of sports betting. To get the most out of your wagering, you need to have the actionable information that will make the difference between the know-it-alls and the know-nothings. In sports wagering, sharps get their name for a reason. They’re the ones with all of the powerful data and narratives that arm them with the confidence to drop a pretty penny on games that would make most people’s stomachs churn. Join the America’s Bookie 33 Club Rather than being a square, a sucker, a chump, it’s time to be a sharp. Becoming sharper in the sports betting realm starts right here at Smarter Bettor, the internet’s premier sports betting information hub. We are your ticket to more wins and fewer losses. Here’s why you should follow Smarter Bettors to take your wagering to another level. Sports Betting Information Hub Need to know the line on tonight’s game? We had it yesterday. Trying to figure out the breaking news that could make the number move a few points towards the chalk? Yep, we’ve got that, too. No matter the information you’re trying to get, we have it here at Smarter Bettor. This means that while the other guys are sifting through mounds of minutiae on their favorite over-hyped sports media sites, we’ve got the parsed out stories that really matter. Beyond breaking news, we are a database and archive for some of the best sports betting information around, so if you’re looking to back-test games you’ve already played, or you’re trying to crunch some under-the-radar angles, we have you covered. Premium Content From Over 100 Websites We’re not ashamed to say we’ve got connections with some of the best sites around. Don’t get it twisted; while we pride ourselves on our expertise, we truly care about making you a smarter, more informed sports bettors We accomplish this by serving as a critical hub and nexus of highly actionable sports betting information that is available nowhere else. This will ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your experience when using Smarter Bettor, and without a doubt, you’re going to enjoy the best content around, all at a premium. Don’t pay more for premium content when you can access all of it here at Smarter Bettor. Handicappers Social Media Network While there are plenty of social media platforms out there that are crawling with handicappers, the fact is, it can be a real challenge to find all of them in one place. When you’re looking for the best sports handicappers on the internet, don’t go with some random guy on a social media platform that rhymes with glitter flaunting his MEGA LOCKS with an avatar of a hundred dollar bill on fire as his logo. Fact is, handicapping is a sacred profession, and you need to invest in people that know the sports and are going to do right by you and your money. Smart Bettors has the most trusted and experienced handicappers on the internet, bar none. See full transparency, form write-ups, records, and even get free picks!  Live Scores, Free Picks, and So Much More Get live scores, free winners, and so much more when you join Smarter Bettors. What the heck are you waiting for!? Visit smartbettor.com and follow our Smarter Bettor Twitter account, and let’s start cashing winners, baby!

Unfortunately, for most people, being a smart bettor would mean not betting altogether! We kid, we kid, but seriously, if you’re looking to improve your prowess as a sports bettor due to aspirations of being the next Bill Walters (look him up, kid), then there are a few concepts you need to add to your repertoire. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to be a “dumb” bettor. IT PAYS TO BET ON THE GAMES AT AMERICA’S BOOKIE Because, remember, being a smart bettor isn’t about being smart or stupid. It’s a skill that can be learned. And here’s another thing: You don’t have to be some sort of MIT wiz-kid to figure it out. As long as you apply some common sense and basic arithmetic, you could be on your way to raking in the dough via sports betting in no time. Money Management When you talk to professional sports bettors and investment bankers, as it relates to risk management, they may sound very similar. This is because, in both realms of investment (yes, we consider sports betting an investment strategy, don’t laugh), it’s incumbent upon the investor to understand that risk is an inherent part of the game. As a gambler, this is especially true. Your principal could explode within two hours of Siberian table tennis, whereas the time horizon for a banker or market-style investor could be years. This means that with every wager, you need to be mindful. When you have a bankroll of $1,000, don’t drop the entire bank on a first-half, first-team-to-score wager. That’s just stupid. Instead, meticulously bet 3-5 percent of your bankroll at a time. If you have $1,000, that would be the equivalent of $30. I know it’s not sexy, but that’s how seriously you should take management of risk. Otherwise, you could blow the entire bankroll up. Be Mindful of Public Consensus You know a lot about [insert sport here]. Wow, that’s awesome. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t mean jack as a bettor. Some of the best NFL bettors in the world couldn’t name more than one or two position players on a given team, and that’s because they pay attention to the bigger picture of a given wager. You need to do the same. When looking at a game, read articles, previews, and get a feel for what the average person thinks of a game. Talk to people in your office or job site. Does everybody love the big favorite who seemingly can’t lose against the cupcake team with the inflated spread? That’s a great opportunity to bet with the sharp money and fade the public, which means you’re betting against the public consensus. In spots, this can be a profitable strategy. Sign up for our Newsletter TODAY! Follow SmarterBettor! This is the most important step you could take! Follow Smarter Bettor on Twitter, we are committed to helping you improve your sports betting prowess. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, we’re here to help you make money, no matter what it takes. Follow our newsletters, read our tips and tutorials, and keep up to date with the latest information, and we have no doubt you’ll become a smarter, more profitable bettor in no time!

There has been a few glitches with some postponed MLB games. However, for the most part everything is going as planned with the restart of three major betting sports. The NBA is playing a quick eight-game schedule to set up the seeding for the postseason. The NHL is in the middle of a qualifying round for this season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. IT PAYS TO BET ON THE GAMES AT AMERICA’S BOOKIE Most top-rated online sportsbooks have stepped up their game with varied betting options for all three US professional leagues. This is in addition to a full board of action covering soccer, motor sports and professional golf. Throw in everything else in the world of sports and August should be one of the best months of the year for avid sports betting fans! The primary bets for NBA games are pointspreads and total lines, and there are a ton of quality FREE PICKS to be found out there. Shifting to baseball and hockey, you can add in moneyline bets for the games. Online sports betting through offshore books offers the most competitive betting lines for all three sports.  These books also offer special daily betting options that enhance your overall return. Some online books refer to these type of bets as “odds boosters.” Some will use the term “parlay specials.” Either way, they basically work the same. The books will group together certain games on the board for that day. Similar to a two-team or three-team parlay, you need to will all the games to cash a winning play. However, the big difference is a higher return on your bet. When betting parlays at online sportsbooks using pointspreads and/or total lines, the standard return on two teams is 2.64-to-1. Moving to a three-team parlay, the return jumps to 6-to-1. If you are betting a parlay using moneyline odds, you need to calculate the return based on the combined numbers. When it comes to the daily specials at online books, they set the return on any particular bet. It is always going to be higher than the standard parlay return which is why they appeal to avid bettors. For example, a NBA daily special might group together a pair of favorites. If they both go on to win and cover, the return could be 3-to-1 as opposed to the standard two-team parlay payout of 2.64. Moving to MLB daily specials, there could be a two-team or three-team grouping of favorites with a higher return than the standard calculation. There could be a grouping of three underdogs at a very high return. Some of the daily specials for MLB and NHL games turn to options using run lines and puck lines. For example, a grouping of three NHL underdogs plus the 1.5 goals would pay out $260 or higher if they all win or cover with the added spread. The best way to bet these special daily offers is to do the math. By calculating the normal return on a two or three-team parlay play and comparing this to the offered odds, you can find the best value in the numbers.  While you do not get to group the teams together in a special daily parlay option, most times you can find one posted that appeals to you. The best offshore books operating online know how to use their advantage against US sports betting options in particular states. Adding options that put more money in your pocket is a perfect example.

Bettors are breathing a huge sigh of relief as it now finally feels almost normal. With the NBA, NHL, and MLB all back in action and the NFL heading to training camp; this week’s betting scene is full of potential.  After four months of searching for betting value in table tennis and eSports, it’s almost as if bettors need a hand to hold as they head back into the mix. Don’t worry. We’ve got you. ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS OFFER THE MOST COMPETITIVE BETTING LINES Here’s a look at this week’s betting scene. NBA The Lakers looked like the best team in the Western Conference with their win over the Clippers in Game 1 of the NBA restart. Was there ever any question? Maybe, with the whole coronavirus pandemic throwing the sports world a giant curveball. There are two things to watch in NBA action this week. The first has to do with the one day of rest teams will have in between games. Your best bets straight up are Milwaukee, Toronto, both the Lakers and Clippers, Houston, and Oklahoma City. The Bucks are 35-8 on one day of rest and the Raptors are 30-8.  Betting the spread presents a little different story. The Raptors have won 65.8 percent (25-13) of their games ATS. Oklahoma City (28-13) and Indiana (26-17-3) are the only other teams with ATS winning percentages over 60 percent on one day of rest. The other thing to watch are the Totals. On one day of rest between Lakers’ games, the Under has hit 56.4 percent of the time. The Under has also hit in Memphis games - 56.1 percent of the time - when the Grizzlies have had just one day of rest. On the other end, Miami, Dallas, San Antonio, and Toronto have seen the Over hit more than 60 percent of the time in games where the teams had one day of rest. NHL Keeping the same theme - one day of rest - will have an impact on NHL betting this week. Rest will be a big factor for some teams in the NHL’s postseason. The best teams in the league working on one day of rest this season were Colorado (27-14), Tampa Bay (25-16), Philadelphia (24-8), and Pittsburgh (21-9).  The Lightning are one of the big favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Colorado is a serious contender with Nathan MacKinnon (93 pts) and a host of players returning from injury.  The hottest team in the NHL pre-COVID-19 break was Philadelphia and the line of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang has already won three Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh.  Other NHL bets to consider with one day of rest are Tampa Bay and the Over, which is 25-13-3 O/U. The New York Islanders were the best Under bet on a day of rest at 13-28 O/U. MLB The big news in MLB is the number of positive coronavirus tests around the league. The Florida Marlins had a number of players test positive and now the St. Louis Cardinals are experiencing the same thing. Last week, there were a dozen postponed games or schedule moves that affected eight different teams. There is talk of a possible shutdown. MLB bettors and fans alike will hope that does not happen. For now, smarter bettors should look for value in home underdogs on the moneyline. Last Friday for example, Detroit was a +166 home dog to Cincinnati and beat the Reds 7-2.  The same thing happened in Minnesota where the Twins were a +105 home underdog to Cleveland. The Twins won 4-1.

Coming off the first weekend of MLB games since last season, bettors have a full slate of action to close out the month of July. Joining the restart of major betting sports, the NBA season will resume on Thursday, July 30 with a pair of interesting matchups. Playing an eight-game regular season plus a full postseason run to the 2020 NBA title, all the games will take place at one location. The NBA Bubble in Orlando has been designed to keep players and coaches safe from the coronavirus. ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS OFFER THE MOST COMPETITIVE BETTING LINES The lack of any home court advantage will be interesting to navigate from a betting standpoint. For example, America’s Bookie has the Los Angeles Lakers listed as four-point favorites for Thursday night’s showdown against the Los Angeles Clippers. The total line for this game is set at 216 points. FULL BETTING BOARD As the most trusted online sportsbook catering to US bettors, America’s Bookie offers a full board of NBA betting options to help kickoff that league’s return to action. Looking ahead to the month of August, the NHL returns to the ice on Saturday, Aug. 1 with the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Points of Concern for the NBA Restart The initial round of games in the NHL include a best-of-five qualifying series to determine which eight teams in each conference will advance to the opening round. The top four teams in the East and West will face one another in a round robin format for seeding purposes. The other eight teams in each conference will battle it out for the final four playoff spots. NHL HUB CITIES There are two designated cities to host the games. Hockey bettors know that the West will play out the rest of the season in Edmonton while the East is situated in Toronto for all of its games. The highlight of Saturday’s schedule is Game 1 of a best-of-five series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins. America’s Bookie has opened the Penguins as -158 favorites with the total set at 5.5. The first round robin game in the East pits the Philadelphia Flyers against Boston Bruins on Sunday, Aug. 2. Boston has been opened as a -133 favorite with the total set at 5.5. With baseball, basketball and hockey back on the betting board at America’s Bookie, there will be more than enough action to make up for lost time. Every deposit into your online betting account comes with a matching bonus and there are low rollover requirements to earn your money. GAMBLER’S INSURANCE Everyone is betting to win. However, if things do not go your way over the course of a month, America’s Bookie will refund 10% of any net loss as part of its Gambler’s Insurance incentive. This way you can still win even if you lose. Do not forget to tell your family and friends about the best online book to bet the games. You can receive 10% of every deposit any of your direct referrals makes as part of this added promotional offer. These are important things to consider when looking for a new sportsbook. The last four months have been tough for avid sports bettors but the long wait is finally over. The excitement of a short 60-game sprint to the MLB playoffs is matched with both NBA and NHL postseason play. The NFL is still on track to start a new season in early September. This is when America’s Bookie really becomes your go-to source for all the sports betting action you are looking for.

As the NBA embarks upon a historic restart amidst the coronavirus pandemic, what concerns should bettors be mindful of? The so-called “NBA Bubble,” site of the NBA’s much-discussed headquarters for its 2020 season restart, is a unique experiment in modern sports history. Despite the fears of a potential resurgence, luckily, as reported by Yahoo! News, out of 346 NBA players, zero tested positive for the coronavirus. This is, of course, an amazing sign, as a potential positive test would mean mandatory isolation, no questions asked. The Industry’s Best Sportsbook Referral Program. Refer your friends and win weekly! No hassle! But for gamblers, beyond your favorite fantasy players testing positive for COVID-19, what else should you be concerned about? This is a historic time to be wagering, and given the circumstances, you need to be mindful of your wagers, now more than ever before. Conditioning and Weary Legs Just like your body being out of whack when you set the clock back, NBA players being out of full-game conditioning for several months is going to affect the way the initial games play out. Players will have the opportunity to scrimmage in the eight days prior to the official restart date, which is slated for July 30. But in the beginning, there is little doubt that the games are going to take an uncharacteristically slow or awkward pace.   BETTING NBA PROPS IS FUN Teams will only experience three inter-squad scrimmages, but that’s barely enough time to allow players to get back into tip-top shape. Mind you, the stoppage of play since March is about the equivalent amount of time between NBA seasons for those that have never gone deep into the playoffs or to the NBA Finals.  While many players pursued alternative activities in quarantine, it can’t match game-time pressure or pace. Sure, practicing and alternative forms of exercise leading up to the restart are better than nothing, but for most players, it is a far cry from being in “game shape.” Expect the early games to go under the set totals, and don’t be surprised if underdogs perform better than their odds suggest. Points, especially in low-scoring games, mean more than they usually would, and with that in mind, it’s essential to be mindful that it will take a few weeks until players return to form. Major Volatility For every player involved, especially those with time in the league, this is an unprecedented change in their schedule. Even the best teams will be tested by this awkward shift, but where there may be an adjustment challenge for the veterans, this is where the younger players have an opportunity to take advantage. Online sportsbooks will know this and adjust betting lines to make up for those challenges. Inexperienced, youth-laden, and otherwise over-matched teams will present great opportunities for bettors looking to capitalize on what could be late-season volatility. Normally, these games would be filler competitions at this point in a typical season, but the restart allows these younger teams with something to play for to take advantage of a short time-window to go streaking. Don’t be surprised if considerable upsets happen in the early going. As NBA oddsmakers adjust to the inflated spreads, bettors attempting to chase the public underdogs may get burned as favorites cover in accordance with the correction.  But beyond crazy upsets and sluggish starts, as players return to their usual rhythm, you can expect the same fast-paced NBA action we know and love.