NFL games are back on the board at online sportsbook, and that means betting NFL teasers! As a top-rated online betting site, has gained a strong reputation in the industry for giving you more ways to win big this season. This site is also committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe, fun and exciting. One of the best ways to dial up the excitement when Sunday’s roll around is betting teaser parlays on the betting board. By offering the most competitive betting lines, you already have an edge going in. By combining two or three games together in the teaser parlay, you can build on that edge with a higher return on investment. & Betting NFL Teasers teasers let you move the point spread in your favor by either 6, 6.5 or 7 points. While the payout is not as high as a regular multi-team parlay play, you are giving yourself a better chance to win. This is the main perk of betting NFL teasers. Betting NFL Teasers at For example, if the Green Bay Packers are three-point home favorites against the Minnesota Vikings, you could tease that spread all the way to seven points to get the Packers as four-point underdogs. BETTING FOOTBALL SPECIALS AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS You can do that with every game to add into that parlay play. The payout odds on these types of bets will vary based on how many teams are combined and how much you moved the spread. A standard payout on a three-team teaser moving the spread six points would be +180. Betting NFL Teasers – What is a Teaser? Those odds drop to +165 when you move the spread 6.5 points on three teams. If you used the full seven points on each of the three plays, the payout odds would now be +150. Just like a parlay bet, you need to win all of the games combined in a teaser bet to cash a winner. However, your probability of winning is much higher by moving the spread in your favor. This is just another way that can enhance your online sports betting activity. This is one of the few online sportsbooks that offers an ongoing rewards program for customer loyalty. You can earn reward points for your online wagers. These points can be saved and redeemed for free payouts, free-bet credit and other valuable perks. Must Read > Get a Higher Football Welcome Bonus These reward points do not come with an expiration date so you will have plenty of time to save them up for the perks you want the most. For example, you can earn a $25 free-bet credit for as little as 5000 rewards points. NFL Teaser Parlays While NFL teaser parlays are a great way to bet the games, this is just one of the many betting markets offered through this first class sports betting site. For close to a decade, has been catering to US players. They offer an expanded betting board, matching bonus offers on every deposit and fast turnarounds on payment requests. remains committed to earning your business year round. Becoming a member at is as easy as filling out the online registration form. Simply verify your email address and phone number and you will be registered. The initial deposit into your online betting account will activate your membership. Football is the best time of the year for avid sports fans. Make this NFL season the best ever with leading the way. Get started betting NFL teasers.

Betting October baseball is the most exciting time of the year of the extended MLB season. It is what fans waited for after the long 162-game schedule has been played. Octobers usher in the postseason run to the annual best-of-seven game World Series. Before moving on, read our tips to win more MLB bets. Betting October Baseball Through the World Series From the one-and-done Wild Card Round through the league division and championship series, MLB’s best teams are now on a collision course with one another with a world title on the line as the ultimate prize. As with any season, there are some really good teams in the postseason World Series tournament and a few teams that have the ability to shock the field. The one thing everyone agrees on is that this is the best time of the year to wager on the games. Huge Baseball Betting Menu in October The top-rated online sportsbooks do an excellent job at building out their betting boards for baseball season. Yet, they still find a way to up the ante when the playoffs roll around. MLB futures odds take on a whole new meaning with betting value to be found all over the board. Once the league division and championship series pairing are set, the online books will release the betting odds for the series prices. Betting the favorites comes at an added risk with a chance to improve your return betting on the underdogs. Series futures odds change on a dime with each postseason win and loss. A team’s betting value in the playoffs really hinges on its starting rotation and bullpen support. A hot throwing arm tends to trump a hot bat in this type of win or go home betting environment. MUST READ > BETTING THE MLB POSTSEASON AT AMERICA’S BOOKIE Watch the Weather During the MLB Playoffs Another aspect of the games that can have an impact in October is the weather at outdoor parks. While you do not have to worry about Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, colder weather can be a factor for teams farther north. Umpires should be at the top of their game this time of the year. Yet, those officials manning umpire duties at home plate will be another betting factor that needs to be accounted for. Fortunately, after 162 games, there is enough stats, facts and betting trends in the books to paint a pretty good picture of how each game and each series should play out. That being said, that is why the play the games since anything can happen in the next month or so of MLB betting action. Use 2 or 3 Online Sportsbook to Line Shop One additional betting tip for the MLB postseason is adding another online book or two to the betting mix. The ability to shop MLB money lines is an easy way to add more value to your bets. Line shopping is the easiest way to increase your winning percentage. Cutting the juice by $5 or $10 betting the favorite is a good way to preserve your MLB betting bankroll. Grabbing an extra $5 or $10 on an underdog can boost that bankroll when your instincts pay off. Betting October Baseball With the AL and NL Wild Card games getting things started in the first full week of October, time is running out to fine-tune the overall MLB postseason betting strategy. Get to know each team’s starting rotation and bullpen strength. Find out which players are 100% healthy and which ones are nicked-up a bit after the extended six-month regular season. Hot teams at the end of the regular season tend to carry that momentum into the postseason, so take that into account when breaking down the matchups. Finally, build up your bankrolls at your favorite online sportsbooks and take a closer look at all the MLB betting options they have to offer.

It’s time to look at your NFL betting strategy. The NFL still commands the most attention from sports bettors in terms of weekly volume. This is the biggest betting sports league by far in the US market. NFL games also offer global appeal for sports bettors all around the world. Straight bets on a NFL game’s point spread and/or total line remain the two biggest markets for wagering on this league. However, that does not even scratch the surface when it comes to all the ways you can bet on every Sunday’s action along with prime time matchups on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. Too many recreational bettors stay inside the box when it comes to forming an overall  NFL betting strategy for the season. Fortunately, the top-rated online sportsbooks taking action on the games make it extremely easy to diversify your NFL betting strategy. NFL Moneylines – NFL Betting Strategy One easy way to change things up is by adding a few weekly wagers on the NFL moneyline. This is a straight-up bet with more financial risk for betting the favorite and a bigger financial return for betting the underdog. Upsets happen all the time to add value to betting underdogs on the money line. Favorites needing to win usually do. This adds value to this play despite the added cost of placing the bet. At the very least, you should compare a game’s spread to its posted money line. Why pay 10% juice to get one or two points on the spread when you can get that dog SU for a slight plus-money return? NFL Exotics Parlays are the most heavily played exotic for NFL games. Teasers let you move the spread in your favor on each team in that parlay. It’s an age old question whether or not these are wagers made by smarter bettors. If-bets create a string of wagers with one bet contingent on the result of the previous bet. The first loss ends the action on any remaining plays. An if-bet is the perfect money management tool for betting multiple NFL games. The best course of action is to consult the exotic market at your favorite online sportsbook to see all the options offered. NFL Betting Strategy for Futures & Props Betting football futures can be viewed as year round bets with longer-term results. However, they can still be bet in-season as each week unfolds.  Online books will release special props tied to the NFL season as a whole. One of the most popular special props is ‘first NFL head coach fired’. You can also find special NFL props tied to players and teams throughout the season. NFL individual game props cover scoring, team and player betting options for every matchup on the board. This is an excellent way to supplement any straight bets you may have placed on a particular game. For example, if you bet the OVER on the total line, you can also bet the OVER on total touchdowns scored as a stand-alone prop. NFL Live In-Game Wagers There is nothing more exciting than betting on a NFL game after the opening kickoff. The betting lines are continually updated based on what has already taken place in a game. This lets you double down or hedge any pre-game bets depending on how things are playing out on the field. This can be a major winning NFL betting strategy. Another popular in-game wager is ongoing “what happens next” options. This lets you place a bet on the outcome of each team’s next offensive possession. More and more online sportsbooks are expanding these types of live prop bets for NFL games.

The annual MLB All-Star break sets the stage for the run to the playoffs over the second half of the season. This makes it the perfect time to look at betting MLB second half lines.

NFL teams will be headed to training camp next month. It’s almost here and while we wait it’s always fun to take a look at which NFL head coach will be the first one fired in 2021.

Why are sports hard to predict? It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future. If that sounds familiar, it’s because baseball legend Yogi Berra said it years ago.

NBA Playoff series betting is off to a scorching start! That the Brooklyn Nets were able to eliminate the Boston Celtics in five games wasn\'t much of a surprise to anybody. But the Milwaukee Bucks may have caught some people a little off-guard when they swept the Miami Heat in four consecutive games. And no doubt that won them support in the minds of some 1VICE.AG customers as they embark on the East semi-final series. Now Here This Remember two things here - the Bucks have endured a couple of genuine playoff disappointments in a row as Giannis Antetokounmpo was given back-to-back MVP awards, and the Nets haven\'t even played together all that much as a team. Obviously the plan all along was for Brooklyn to deal itself into position to stack the deck with superstars and win themselves a title, and they couldn\'t be in a better spot to do that than they are right now. Milwaukee\'s plan has been solidly in place for a few years now, as head coach Mike Budenholzer, one of the best in the business, has posted a regular season record of 162-65 with the franchise. NBA Playoff Series Betting - Current Odds Here are the odds on the series as they are currently posted at top online sportsbooks: Brooklyn Nets to win  -205 Milwaukee Bucks to win  +175 Sure, the Bucks look solid for the most part for bettors enjoying some NBA Playoff series betting. They actually led the NBA in scoring this season. And they have world-class defenders like Giannis and Jrue Holiday. But I think you have to look at this Nets team in a different way than you did in the regular season. As we looked at them earlier in the campaign, we had our doubts when it was a \"Kevin & Kyrie\" show, because Kyrie Irving\'s immaturity (which persists) has the ability to bring down a team. But then they brought aboard James Harden, and things changed. He brings a steady quality to the floor leadership that Irving does not necessarily provide. Injuries and the Big Three Of course, the Nets\' injury situation is what prevented them from capturing the #1 seed in the East. In fact, coming into the opening-round series against Boston, their Big Three had played only 202 minutes together. Looking at these stats makes it more difficult when choosing what to bet. And now it\'s time for some perspective. This season, the Nets registered an Offensive Rating (points per 100 possessions) of 118.3, which is the highest ever in the NBA since that statistic has been documented. Against Boston, the Offensive Rating was 130.1, and perhaps that is an indication as to what kind of offensive machine they\'ve got with Durant, Harden and Irving healthy and in the lineup at the same time, along with Blake Griffin (who can still show some flashes) and Joe Harris, who is only the best three-point shooter in the NBA (47.5% in the regular schedule and 51.5% vs. the Celtics). NBA Playoff Series Betting - Betting Totals Yes, Milwaukee is a high-scoring bunch. But considering that they take more shots than anybody and also allow their opponents to take more shots than any other team has, you really have to wonder whether their style of play doesn\'t fit right into Brooklyn\'s wheelhouse. Before we move on, are you a handicapper and have been wanting to offer more betting options and more easily market yourself? Well you’re in luck, the Smarter Bettor Network is working on revolutionary handicapper software that will bring the industry into the 2020’s. It would be one thing if they had enough to muscle the Nets inside. That is one thing Brooklyn would seem to be vulnerable to (as they showed at time against Boston\'s Tristan Thompson), and what would give Philadelphia a chance with a healthy Joel Embiid. But the Bucks really don\'t have that going for them. Bucks vs. Nets NBA Playoff Betting - Series Winner And that\'s why the Nets are an easy play here. Could they sweep? Hmmm, not sure. But I have seen a price of +385 on Brooklyn winning in five games and +400 for a six-game victory. Either of those looks like it might be a judicious wager. A quick note - I\'d look to the \"over\" first on totals. The Celtics actually had an Offensive Rating equaling Brooklyn\'s 118.3 in the playoff round. So the Bucks will score points. They just won\'t score as many. So it\'s -205 on the Nets. I can\'t see them losing a best-of-seven. By Charles Jay At 1VICE.AG, you\'ll always hit the winning shot. That\'s because you can get up to $1500 in free play on the first deposit, and check out Gamblers Insurance as well, so you can get paid even when you lose!

One of the biggest problems for bettors of all experience levels is simply choosing what to bet on. Sportsbooks have betting boards chock full of sports and other events from around the world. You can bet on the major sports like football, basketball, and soccer, but you can’t forget tennis, golf, and a number of other sports where wagers are available. With all those choices, how do you choose what to bet on? How do you avoid simply staring at your computer screen trying to pick a bet? It all starts with knowing what to look for. HOW TO MARKET YOUR BOOKIE BUSINESS Winners vs. Value - Choosing What to Bet If you approach sports betting with a mindset of picking winners, your bankroll is probably never going to grow. In fact, it will probably become smaller and smaller. When choosing what to bet, you need to start with the right mindset. Bettors can win bets but still lose money. You have to remember, not all bets pay the same. Let’s use an example. We’ll make four bets, all on heavy favorites. We’ll wager $100 on each favorite which is listed at -500 odds to win.  At -500 odds, a winning bet will pay out $20. Three of the four favorites win and the other loses. On paper, you look pretty good. You went 3-1. However, you may want to check your wallet.  After winning three bets, you pocketed $60 total. You did lose one bet though which means you lost $100. Your net profit is minus-$40.  Picking favorites and winners isn’t the key to successful sports betting. The key is finding strong value bets that pay. MUST READ > ADVANTAGES OF LIVE BETTING Choosing What to Bet - Always Find Value The idea in choosing what to bet on is finding bets that pay more than they should. To select the best bets, you need to understand something called implied probability. Again, we’ll use an example. Let’s say you think Team A has an 80 percent chance of beating Team B. At an implied probability of 80 percent, Team A’s odds of winning are -400. At those odds, a $100 bet would pay out $25.  When you go to your sportsbook, you find that Team A is listed as a -200 favorite to beat Team B. The implied probability in this case is 66.67 percent. You think Team A has a much better chance of winning than what the sportsbook does.  You should also note that a winning bet in this case pays out $50, more than what you think it should. That is value and those are the types of bets you should be searching for. Did you know that betting golf is the newest betting trend?   Betting Underdogs Where bettors can really find value is on underdogs. A look at another example can help you understand just how important finding underdogs can be. If you make four $100 bets again and this time pick four different underdogs all given +400 odds to win, you’ll see that you only need one of these bets to be correct to come out ahead. This time, your won-loss record (1-3) doesn’t look so great but your bankroll has increased by $100. You lose $300 - $100 each on the three losing bets - but you make $400 on your one underdog winner. That leaves you with the $100 profit. Find a Betting Niche Smarter bettors love to bet on the major sports - football and basketball, for example - but the smarter bettor can find a niche in a sport like golf. Instead of betting spreads and moneylines, golf bettors can make a lot of money betting on event winners. In most golf tournaments, the favorite to win is given plus-money odds typically between +300 and +800. In golf, you can bet favorites and still get big payouts. Betting on underdogs in golf can really pay off.  Even in the major sports, there are plenty of bets on the board from which to choose. Take the NBA Race to 20 points. It’s a game prop where bettors can prosper if they know what to look for.  You may have a team like Portland taking on Utah or Brooklyn. The Trail Blazers won’t be the favorite to win and you may not like the spread or moneyline bets. But, you find Portland at plus-money in the Race to 20 points. You also know Portland scores more first-quarter points than any team in the NBA. How to choose what to bet on comes down to two things primarily - finding value and doing your research. It takes time to find good quality bets. Take the time to do so and your bankroll will thank you.

It’s almost hard to believe, but we are less than 100 days away from the 2021 NCAAF season. That means there’s no better time to talk about college football futures. It all kicks off on August 28 with a handful of games that will wet bettors’ appetites for the season to come. Before we get there, we’ll take a look at college football futures. Sports bettors can start thinking of the upcoming season right now and dream of hefty paydays later. Last week we looked at post 2021 NFL draft futures. College Football Futures - National Champion Alabama pulled off one of the more impressive seasons in college football history in 2020. The Crimson Tide has won six national titles in the past 12 seasons. Yes, they lost a ton of talent from last year’s team including Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith, QB Mac Jones, WR Jaylen Waddle, and RB Najee Harris. But, head coach Nick Saban has been through this before. His recruiting classes are the best in the country and he will simply reload in 2021. That is why Alabama is the overall favorite at +210 to repeat - something they did in 2011 and 2012 - as national champ. Alabama will be pushed by the cast of usual suspects including Clemson (+450), Georgia (+600), and Ohio State (+550). The Tigers and Buckeyes will start new quarterbacks in D.J. Uiagalelei and C.J. Stroud. Georgia welcomes back J.T. Daniels who took over as the starter last season. If there is a wild card in the mix, it could be Oklahoma (+700). The Sooners return QB Spencer Rattler (more on him later) and a defense that continues to improve under defensive coordinator Alex Grinch. Did you know that betting golf is the newest betting trend? The Big 12 With Rattler and the Sooners defense returning so many starters, it’s easy to see why Oklahoma is favored to win the Big 12 at -165. The Sooners competition will come from Iowa State (+300), which beat Oklahoma during the regular season but lost in the conference title game. Texas (+250) has a new head coach in Steve Sarkisian and boasts a wealth of talent. The Longhorns do have to break in a new quarterback. If there is a longshot to win the conference, take a look at TCU (+1150) which returns QB Max Duggan. The Big Ten Stroud replaces Justin Fields and Ohio State, like Alabama, reloads in 2021. The Buckeyes are a -180 favorite to win a fifth consecutive conference title.  Wisconsin (+700) will likely win the West Division. Michigan and Penn State are given +750 odds to win, but neither has beaten Ohio State in the past several seasons. Pac-12 The Oregon Ducks (+185) are the only plus-money favorite among the Power 5 conferences. The Ducks have won the last two straight Pac-12 titles and return starting QB Tyler Shough and All-Everything DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, MVP of last year’s conference championship game. Look for USC (+225) to challenge with QB Kedon Slovis leading a very good Trojans offense. Jayden Daniels leads a strong Arizona State (+400) offense and Washington (+325) is also a team to watch in the Pac-12 race. SEC - College Football Futures When looking at college football futures, the SEC is always highly talked about. There’s no question Alabama (-155) is the favorite to capture yet another SEC title, but Georgia (+200) should give the Tide a run for its money. Texas A&M (+750) has to replace QB Kellen Mond, but head coach Jimbo Fisher is building a champion in College Station. The one team to watch will be Ole Miss (+1550). Head coach Lane Kiffin has an extremely talented offense and he might be able to get through the SEC West schedule with a single loss.   ACC The heaviest conference favorite for college football bettors is Clemson which is listed at -850 to win the ACC for a seventh straight season. The Tigers lose QB Trevor Lawrence but return Uiagalelei who started two games last season.  The only real competition for Clemson will likely come from either Miami (+700) or North Carolina (+650).  The Heisman Race and College Football Futures Rattler passed for 3,031 yards and 28 touchdowns last season in leading Oklahoma to another Big 12 title. He opened as the front-runner in the Heisman Trophy race and remains the +350 favorite. The Sooners’ quarterback will get his biggest challenge from UNC QB Sam Howell (+900). The Tar Heels quarterback completed over 68 percent of his passes for 3,586 yards and 30 touchdowns. Howell led North Carolina to an 8-4 record and final No. 18 ranking.  Uiagalelei is listed at +600 as is new Alabama QB Bryce Young. Daniels of Georgia comes in at +750 while Stroud, the new Ohio State quarterback, is listed at +900.

With the draft here and gone, it’s time to look at post 2021 NFL draft futures. The new season has already started, with several teams already in the process of holding rookie mini-camps. From there it’s on to team mini-camps and OTAs (organized team activities). Soon, we’ll be headed to training camps in July and the 2021 season will be upon us. Before we get there, it’s time to assess how the draft impacted teams’ NFL futures odds. Some teams’ draft picks had a much greater impact than others. Here’s a look at the post 2021 NFL draft futures. ICYMI: TIPS FOR BUYING A NBA PLAYOFFS PRO SELECTION PACKAGE The Biggest Shifts - Post 2021 NFL Draft Futures Prior to the draft, Denver, which finished 5-11 last season, was given +5000 odds to win Super Bowl LVI. Post draft, those numbers have shortened to +2000, the biggest shift of odds among all 32 NFL teams. The Broncos went defense first and picked up a future star in Alabama’s Patrick Surtain II. He’s a big (6-2, 208), fast, athletic, and is the son of a former All-Pro. Head coach Vic Fangio feels you can never have too many athletic corners and Surtain should make the Broncos defense even better.  Third-round pick Baron Browning is a 6-3, 245-pound sideline-to-sideline linebacker that can play Sam, Mike, or Will. Denver also picked up RB Javonte Williams in Round 2 and interior offensive lineman Quinn Meinerz of Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater in Round 3. Both should contribute early. The other big shift came in Atlanta where the Falcons went from +6600 to +5000. The big part of that shift can be attributed to Atlanta’s first pick which was Florida TE Kyle Pitts. The 6-6, 245-pound Pitts is a game-changer. He’s got outstanding speed and athleticism which gives QB Matt Ryan another target to go along with Calvin Ridley (1,374 yds., 9 TDs). Atlanta added S Richie Grant, OL Jalen Mayfield, and CB Darren Hall in their first four picks. All should contribute early and help the Falcons build on last year’s 4-12 campaign. Editor’s Choice > Are You Ready for the 2021 NHL Playoffs? The Biggest Shifts II Not every team’s draft had a positive net effect on their Super Bowl futures. In Carolina for example, the Panthers odds shifted from +5000 to +6600. What do you think caused this drop in post 2021 NFL draft futures odds? Carolina picked South Carolina CB Jaycee Horn with their first pick. Horn should be a Day 1 starter for Carolina. The Panthers also got WR Terrace Marshall out of LSU on Day 2.  It wasn’t an awful draft, but the Panthers QB situation - Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Darnold - as well as other teams passing them by is likely why Carolina’s odds jumped. The Jets landed their quarterback of the future in BYU’s Zach Wilson with the No. 2 overall pick. They also got a Day 1 starter on the offensive line in Alijah Vera-Tucker out of USC. After that though, the Jets draft was so-so. That plus their history of underachieving led to a shift from +6600 to +8000 to win this season’s Super Bowl. QB Impact Two teams that drafted quarterbacks in Round 1 and saw their Super Bowl odds impacted immediately. The Chicago Bears got Justin Fields with pick No. 11 overall.  Chicago had signed veteran Andy Dalton in the offseason and actually saw their odds worsen from +5000 to +6600.  With the drafting of Fields, the Bears Super Bowl odds have shifted to +4500. He will play at some point as a rookie and the Bears have just enough offense - WR Allen Robinson, RB David Montgomery - and the defense to make a playoff run in 2021. The other team impacted by its selection of a quarterback in Round 1 was San Francisco. The 49ers already have Jimmy Garoppolo, but many are tired of his injury issues.  The 49ers took North Dakota State product Trey Lance, a big athletic quarterback with plenty of upside. San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan loved Lance’s football IQ as well as his physical tools. The 49ers starting quarterback battle should be one to watch and the addition of Lance shifted the 49ers Super Bowl odds to +1150. The Longshot Bet - Post 2021 NFL Draft Futures Based solely off of their draft, the Tennessee Titans make for the most intriguing Super Bowl pick in 2021. Tennessee went 11-5 last year and won the NFC South. They’re an interesting team to follow when looking at post 2021 NFL draft futures. To their already solid roster, they added a likely Day 1 starter at corner in Caleb Farley who will play opposite Janoris Jenkins.  The Titans added pass rusher Bud Dupree from Pittsburgh in the offseason and added some pieces to the puzzle on offense. OT Dillon Radunz will probably start at right tackle and WR Dez Fitzpatrick will compete for a starting job at wide receiver.  With the NFL’s best running back in Derrick Henry (2,027 yards, 17 TDs) and a defense that keeps getting better, the Titans are an interesting Super Bowl longshot at +3500.

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