It\'s bowl season, and that means that it\'s almost time for betting the College Football Playoff. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame all received tickets to the Playoff. Alabama will meet Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl, and Ohio State will play Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. Both games will take place on New Year\'s Day. The winners will meet in the National Championship Game on Jan. 11 at Hardrock Stadium in Miami. FAST, EASY, SAFE AND SECURE SPORTS BETTING AT 1VICE.AG No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 Alabama Notre Dame will face Alabama in the Rose Bowl. This year\'s game will take place from Dallas inside AT&T Stadium due to California\'s COVID-19 restrictions. Notre Dame will enter the Rose Bowl at 10-1. The Fighting Irish suffered their first loss of the season in the ACC Championship Game against Clemson. The Irish are a 19.5-point underdog against the Crimson Tide. The over/under for the contest has been set at 65.5.  Notre Dame\'s offense has carried the team in 2020. Senior quarterback Ian Book has been the man for the Irish all year long. Statistically, the Irish have a better defense than the Tide. Despite this, there\'s no doubt who the better team is in this playoff matchup. Alabama has looked as strong as ever all season long. Its closest victory of the season came against the Florida Gators in the SEC title game. The Tide defeated the Gators 52-46 to continue their undefeated streak in 2020. Mac Jones, Najee Harris, and DeVonta Smith are the leaders on the offensive side of the ball. This group, along with a strong offensive line, has allowed the Tide to average 49.7 points per game in 2020. If Notre Dame won this game, it\'d be one of the biggest upsets in College Football Playoff history. I\'m rolling with the Tide on New Year\'s Day. Must Read > Line Shopping: Our Gift to You No. 3 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Clemson  Ohio State struggled in the Big Ten Championship Game against Northwestern. The Wildcats almost upset the Buckeyes, which would\'ve knocked the team out of the Playoff. However, they made the top four, and they\'ll face the Clemson Tigers in the Sugar Bowl. This game has the potential to be a very tight contest. Ohio State is 6-0, while Clemson is 10-1.  Ohio State is the most talented team that Clemson has faced this season. Clemson defeated Notre Dame in the ACC Championship Game, 34-10. EDITOR’S CHOICE: CRUSH YOUR BOOK BY BUYING PREMIUM PICKS Clemson is a 7.5-point favorite, and the over/under for the Sugar Bowl has been set at 65.5. Ohio State didn\'t have countless starters play in the Big Ten Championship Game because of a COVID-19 outbreak. However, Northwestern exposed some of Ohio State\'s weaknesses. I guarantee Dabo Swinney and the Tigers will try to capitalize on these flaws. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is one of the most highly touted NFL prospects in years. Ohio State struggles in the secondary, so Lawrence is poised for a big night. The only way Ohio State keeps this game close is if it disrupts Lawrence in the pocket. The Buckeyes will need to rush the future first pick and force him into some mistakes. I don\'t believe this will happen. Clemson takes the Sugar Bowl, and it will meet Alabama to decide the champion of college football. Good luck this year betting the College Football Playoff.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for giving, even for sports bettors looking to increase their winning percentage and fatten their wallets. The easiest way to do so is by line shopping to find the best betting lines. The great thing is you will never know which sportsbook will be giving you the joy of a winning bet until you shop. Bettors can check out the largest players in the market and can also shop smaller books like America’s Bookie, HRWager, and 1Vice in search of that elusive half or full point on the spread. It might not sound like much, but it can make a huge difference. GET THE MOST UP-TO-DATE BETTING ODDS AT HRWAGER.AG Line Shopping Example In NFL betting, a half-point can make a huge difference in the outcome of a bet. Let’s take the following example.  Chicago Bears +3 (-110) Minnesota Vikings -3 (-110) The Bears defense has been playing pretty well and Chicago has had some recent success against the Vikings. You like the Bears as a 3-point underdog at your favorite online sportsbook.  But what if you could find the Bears at +3.5? You would be wise to shop around to find that extra half-point. Most NFL games end with a point differential of either 3 or 7 points. In fact, the most common margin of victory in an NFL game is three points. If you take the Bears +3 and the final score is 20-17, you end up with a push. If you shop for that extra half-point and find it, you end up with a win. That’s why you take time to do some line shopping for the best betting lines. Moneyline Odds Comparison Where you can really find yourself a deal is when you shop moneylines. Most sportsbooks fall in line with each other on point spreads. You can still find a half-point often enough to make it worth your while, but where you can really find some discrepancies is with moneylines. These subtle differences make it more than worth your while to compare betting lines. Let’s say you like the underdog Dolphins at the Patriots. At one sportsbook, you find the Dolphins listed as a +185 underdog. Then, you check out America’s Bookie, which just happens to take on a very large amount of action on the Patriots. As a result, you can get Miami at +225 on the moneyline.  Your winning $100 bet would pay out $185 at your first sportsbook. If you placed the same wager at America’s Bookie, you would earn $225. That’s simply a no-brainer and it’s why you should shop for the best betting lines you can find. Sports Betting 101: What is Buying Points and How Can it Help You The Gift That Keeps Giving When you find that extra point here or an advantageous moneyline there, it is always worth it. While it takes a time investment, it pays off in the end with an increase in winning percentage and an increase in the amounts of your payouts. When you shop some of the smaller sportsbooks like America’s Bookie and 1Vice, you will also find some of the best bonuses in the industry. A huge welcome bonus of up to 100 percent deposit match plus up to 100 percent deposit match bonuses on reloads will keep you coming back to find the best lines available at these books. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving.

Most sportsbooks allow players the option of buying points, but not all bettors take advantage of this betting feature. Buying points is a great way to increase your betting success rate on all sports. However, there are some things to remember when buying points. WHAT IS BUYING POINTS - BUYING POINTS EXPLAINED What Is Buying Points? You don’t have to pay a sportsbook anything to buy points. Buying points is done on point spread bets and totals bets. This is when you adjust the spread or total in your favor to receive reduced odds. On the point spread, you have two options. You can either subtract points from the favorite or add points to the underdog. If you subtract points from the favorite, the team will have a smaller number to cover. If you add points to an underdog, the team could lose by extra points, and the bet would still hit. You have two options when moving the line on the over/under as well. You can adjust the total down if you’re betting the over, or you can take the total up to bet the under. Did you know that live betting is the newest wagering trend? Put the Odds in YOUR Favor This puts the odds in your favor and gives you a little more confidence to bet a tough line. Each book has its own restrictions on the number of points that you can buy. However, most books allow you to buy between a half-point and three points. If you buy three points, your odds will be reduced more than if you only buy a half-point. Moving a team up or down by three points can cut into your winnings. Therefore, you really want to research how many points you should buy on a single contest. It’s good to know that you shouldn’t have to buy points when you pay for sports picks. How Can Buying Points Help You? Buying points is a great way to help you win, but it shouldn’t be your main betting strategy. Buying points can be utilized with nearly all sports. However, the sports where it’s used most are football and basketball. This option shouldn’t be used unless you feel it’s necessary for you to be able to win. This is because the house will often price points unfairly. Spending money on points will cause your winning percentage to go up, but you won’t receive the payout you deserve. Most often, buying points doesn’t make or break a bet. Let’s say you buy one point on Team A at -7 and make it -6. Team A ends up winning the contest by 10, so it would’ve hit on -7. You won the bet, but you didn’t receive the amount you would’ve had you taken them at -7. This happens more often than not in sports betting when people buy points. A half-point can cost you a good amount of money. The key with this is to use the option sparingly. If you do research and you believe there’s a need to buy points, that’s okay. But it isn’t something that you should use every single day on your wagers. This way, you’ll maximize your winnings. I think buying points is a great way to win when you’re not confident on a line or total. Remember to use point buying sparingly. If you do this, you’ll gain an advantage over the book. Follow Smarter Bettor on social media.

Today’s need to know is that bookies need a PPH service. The sports gambling industry has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. Even the local bookie with 50 to 100 clients needs an online presence. If you aren’t online, you’re going to lose customers to the growing number of bookies that are. ADVANCED MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM THROUGH PAY PER HEAD This is why bookies must have a PPH (pay per head) service. With the number of services provided by a pay per head company, there are actually many reasons why bookies require a quality PPH. Online Presence Unless you are a web designer with loads of time, you aren’t going to build yourself a fully functional and operational website for your sportsbook. A pay per head service will. This is reason #1 bookies need a PPH service. You will get a real .com website address complete with a customized site that your bettors will log into to make deposits, check odds, and place bets. You will be able to promote that website via a number of different methods including social media. Marketing your website can help you grow your player sheet and, ultimately, your profits. Editor’s Choice > Betting College Basketball This Season Betting Board It’s highly likely that you are not a professional linemaker either. How can you set your own odds and lines for all of the sporting events from around the world in a single day? The answer is that you can’t. The best pay per head services provide you with a huge betting board full of choices for your bettors. Players can bet on games in every major sport plus other lesser-known sports from around the world. The board is full of traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets as well as all sorts of proposition bets and specials. As an independent bookie, it is simply impossible to offer all of that to your players. If you don’t have all the options, bettors will look elsewhere for a bookie that does. Essentially, your pay per head service will run your numbers for you. They will do all the math and spit out the end of week numbers without mistakes. Customer Service One of the biggest reasons bookies must work with a pay per head company is the customer service. When it’s 3:00 a.m. and one of your customers wants to place a bet, what do they do?  If you’re still the local bookie without a website, your phone rings in the wee hours of the morning and you have to take the call or miss out on the action. With a team of experienced customer service agents, you no longer have to take that call. The best PPH services will offer you a fully staffed customer service team that can handle any issues. When players have questions about payments, wagers, or anything; your “call center” will take care of it. Bookies Need a PPH Service - Any More Questions? The amount of time you will save just from having the customer service feature will allow you to do the one thing that can help lead you to success. Grow your customer base. Imagine taking your 50 local players to 500 bettors from around the country or around the world.  In the end, the goal of the bookie is to make more profits. To make more profits, bookies either need their current customers to bet more often or add new players. Signing up with a PPH service will give a bookie time to focus on both and, if done properly, will lead to success in the online sportsbook industry.

The year 2020 will certainly be remembered for many different events, especially in the United States. But let’s forget about all that for a minute and talk about betting college basketball. For sports fans, memories will be from the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve already seen leagues interrupt play, games canceled and entire seasons disrupted in a variety of ways. BETTING FUTURES AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS College basketball is no different, with the beginning of the season already delayed to Thanksgiving weekend. Teams have canceled appearances at preseason tournaments, and we can expect more issues as the season wears on. Betting on sports is inherently challenging, and the current pandemic hasn’t made it any easier. With college basketball finally getting underway, it’s time to take a look at betting options. As with any sport, there are several different wagers available. Editor’s Choice > Online Sportsbook “Reduced Juice” Options on College Basketball Totals NCAA Championship Futures While the regular season is important in college basketball, the recent focus has been on the NCAA Tournament. The three-week, 68-team event known as March Madness culminates in the crowning of a national champion. Last year’s tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Virginia was the last winner in 2019. A college basketball futures bet on an individual team pays off if that team wins the championship. Odds are set during the preseason and adjusted during the course of the season. Gonzaga and Villanova are the favorites with odds of +950. A $100 wager on either of those teams will pay out $950 if they win the national championship. Right behind them as betting favorites are Iowa at +1000 and Virginia and Baylor at +1100. NCAA Final Four Futures To win this wager, anyone betting college basketball needs to pick a team that wins their region in the NCAA Tournament. The favorites to make the Final Four are the same as to win the title. Gonzaga and Villanova both have odds of +120 to be in the national semifinals. Baylor is next at +160, followed by Kentucky and Virginia at +200, and Duke and Creighton at +250. The Final Four bet is challenging in that it’s being made well before the actual tournament seedings are available. As most college basketball fans are aware, not all regional brackets are created equally. The odds this early in the season may not accurately reflect the risk of wagering on a particular team. BOOKIES MUST READ: USE A PPH TO BOOST YOUR NCAAB BOOKIE BUSINESS Conference Championship Futures Bettors also have the option of placing wagers on which teams will win their conference titles. Since most conferences crown their champion through a tournament process, this is essentially a conference tournament-winning future bet. Among major conferences, Villanova in the Big East and Kentucky in the SEC have the best odds at +120. Virginia is the favorite in the ACC at +190, while Iowa is at +240 in the Big Ten. The Big 12 favorite is Baylor at +140, while Arizona State is at +230 in the Pac-12. Individual Game Betting When betting college basketball on a single game is one of the best ways to get an edge on the big odds making houses. There are over 350 Division I men’s basketball teams and over 150 games on a given night.  With low expected handles on some games, it’s possible to find a lock among those offerings. The individual game wagering is the same as in other team sports, with spreads, moneyline, and over/under bets. Depending on the sportsbook, they might also offer proposition bets, parlays and live wagering. Someone with knowledge of a team or conference that isn’t widely covered has an opportunity to pick some gems. With the number of games and lines that need to be set on short notice, it’s worth taking the time to do the research.

The NBA season is just around the corner and it’s time for some NBA handicapping tips. The regular season will begin on Dec. 22, and each team is scheduled to play 72 games. Even though the 2019-20 season virtually just ended, it\'s not too early to prepare for this year. Here are my biggest tips to handicap the 2020-21 NBA season. BETTING BASKETBALL AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS Account for offseason movement  Free agency signings will begin on Nov 22. Rumors have been circulating since last season on where players will land. One big-time star can turn a decent team into a Finals contender. You can\'t go off last season\'s records to be successful. You need to account for individual players and what they did for their team last season. You can\'t forget about records, but this needs to take a backseat to a team\'s 2020-21 talent. The same concept applies to coaches. A coach creates a culture, so if a team has hired a new coach, it could see improvement. This should always be in your head when doing research. Watch and Study the NBA Draft Results The NBA Draft was Nov. 18. We have seen rookies make big impacts on teams in the past few years. You must study players\' college stats and make an educated guess on the role they\'ll play professionally. It will help to have pro games as examples down the road, but don\'t forget about rookies when handicapping. Do you know the advantages of live betting? Follow and Read Articles from Local Beat Writers  There are 30 teams in the NBA. This is a lot of information for even the best handicapper to keep up with on a daily basis. The amount of NBA handicapping tips out there is unfathomable. You should follow local beat writers from around the country. This will help in the preseason and daily when doing research.  It\'s good to consume as much different media as possible to make an informed wager. Beat writers have great knowledge since they only focus on one area of the news.  Don\'t Limit Yourself to One Sportsbook The NBA is very chaotic, and lines are constantly changing. Don\'t limit yourself to one sportsbook when betting basketball.  Each sportsbook operates on different lines for games. If you limit yourself, you may be giving up books that give you a better chance to win.  Some books are known for having generous lines, but this always depends on the night. Part of handicapping involves researching sportsbooks, so don\'t forget this tip. Don\'t Wait to Lock in Wagers This is the biggest handicapping tip, in my opinion, for this season. Players don\'t play in 72 games straight. It doesn\'t happen in today\'s NBA.  Combine this with the fact that this year is a much shorter offseason. To make this even more important, COVID-19 will still be an issue when players aren\'t in a bubble.  Players are usually ruled out a few hours before opening tip. If you see a soft line early, don\'t be afraid to lock in a bet if you\'ve done the research. Those are my best tips for you to successfully handicap the NBA this season. Best of luck!

Advantages of live betting are plenty, and it is the newest trend to hit the sportsbetting game. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so thanks primarily to the growth of technology. It seems as though new breakthroughs occur at a breakneck pace. As previously stated, one of the newer trends gaining traction to sports gambling is live betting. Now, bettors can place wagers on virtually any sporting event after the event has started. In-play betting is an awesome addition to an already large betting board at most sportsbooks. LEARN MORE: ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS LIVE IN-GAME BETTING TIPS Smarter bettors take advantage of live betting situations because of the benefits they can receive. Not only is live betting fun; it can be profitable too. Additional Betting Market There are always a multitude of bets on the board for say, the NFL in a given week. The live betting board adds even more possible wagers for bettors to choose from.  Smarter bettors can be watching an NFL game and bet on the next play. Will it be a run or a pass? Will the next play result in a first down? These and more are offered all game long. One thing bettors love is choices and live betting adds more betting choices. Advantages of Live Betting - Feel of the Game Instead of having to make a pre-game decision on a point spread or total, bettors can get a feel for the game while watching. Pre-game research is important but sometimes can be flawed which leads to bad decisions. Watching the live action of a game gives a bettor clues as to momentum and can lead to more informed betting decisions. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Pay for sports picks for better betting results. Avoid a Bad Beat Say you’ve decided to back an NFL favorite. Just prior to gametime, the favorite’s starting quarterback is declared out and the backup starts the game.  The favorite falls behind by two touchdowns early in the first quarter. In a live betting scenario, you could have held off on that pre-game bet and then wagered accordingly after the start of the game.  The Injury Factor Just as a player can miss an entire game, there are situations when players are injured during the course of a game. Those injuries can have a significant impact on a game’s outcome. When a player like LeBron James or James Harden is injured early on in a game and has to leave the court, their teams don’t often perform up to their capabilities. In-play betting allows you to adjust to those types of injury situations and bet accordingly. DID YOU KNOW? AMERICA’S BOOKIE IS THE BEST OPTION FOR 5DIMES SPORTSBOOK CUSTOMERS Hedging Your Bets One of the more underrated benefits of live betting is hedging your bets. Let’s say you make a pre-game bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win at -120. Things are looking good and the Dodgers lead 2-0 after the first two innings. At that point, one of your live betting options is offering the Tampa Bay Rays to win at +200. You can take that bet and, regardless of which team ends up winning, you are guaranteed a profit. Live betting offers you the ability to hedge bets and win profits. There are many advantages of live betting is extremely fun and it can be very lucrative for smarter bettors that understand how to use in-play betting effectively.

Legal sports betting is expanding across the country. More and more people are discovering a new and more interactive way to enjoy their love of sports. Betting on sports is not easy, and some of us need to realize maybe it’s time to pay for sports picks. So the question is always asked: Are the experts really experts? When it comes to picking winners, can I be as successful as they are? LOOKING FOR PREMIUM NFL PICKS? GO CHECK OUT ACTION SPORTS PICKS [caption id=\"attachment_856\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] Get on the right side of the action[/caption] The answers are yes, they really are experts. And yes, you too can be a successful sports bettor. But only if you have the time to dedicate yourself to knowing everything there is to know about sports. Of course, chances are quite good that you don\'t have the time. Or the resources. Or the patience to learn everything required to be an expert in sports betting.  So what do you do? Advantages of Paying for Sports Picks You don\'t have the time, but since we\'re talking betting, you probably do have some money. And spending a little money to make a little more is a good investment. Action Sports Picks has a wide array of sports picks at great prices. When you pay for an expert\'s sports picks, you benefit in the following ways: Time: They spend their time learning about matchups, injuries, schedules, rest, and team tendencies so you don\'t have to. Time is money, making the small fee to free up your time a worthwhile transaction. Information: Information in today\'s world is a bit of a Catch-22. It\'s everywhere, which can be a good thing. But there is so much of it, at times, it\'s hard to find the reliable information.  Sports betting experts have parsed the information. They\'ve found the sources that best help find the values in point spreads. And then they pass that knowledge along to you. Options: Back in the 1980s, when you paid for a tout service, you paid for one opinion. If that person bought into a bad philosophy, had less knowledge in a particular sport or was struggling for other reasons, you were stuck with it.  But in today\'s online world, a sports betting service like offers more. It has an entire list of handicappers for you to choose from.  You can see its successes and failures and by sport. You know the real history of the expert you are following. So when you do decide to put down your money, you\'re making a more informed bet. READ MORE: HANDICAPPING TOOLS USED BY THE PROS Getting Started with Paid Picks If you have never paid an expert for their sports picks, don\'t be intimidated. The smarter bettor will pay for sports picks regularly. Start small and start cheap. The less you pay for picks, the less profit you need to win to cover the cost. Most bet picking services will offer single bet picks or season memberships. Your small and cheap start means that you should start with a single pick. And then another.  And another from a different handicapper. You\'ll find the service - or even the individual handicapper - that works best for you. And that\'s when you take the next step forward and pay for a season of reliable sports picks.

Ever wonder how the pros handicap games? The handicapping tools that they use? It’s not like it’s a well-guarded secret contained in one of those space-age looking briefcases attached to the handicapper’s arm by a handcuff. In the sports handicapping process, the pros use a number of tools to help them come to a conclusion about a certain sporting event. Surprising to some is that handicappers will buy sports picks from a pick service. Using a pick service is just one of many tools a handicapper has at his disposal. Applying Betting Strategies One of the simplest strategies handicappers employ is betting against the public, also known as contrarian betting. Recreational bettors tend to throw their money at games that receive more hype. When it is reported by a sportsbook that 70 or 80 percent of the public is backing a certain team, handicappers start looking to the other side of the bet. Handicappers will also watch the market for any major line moves. A line change from -1 to -3 indicates something is happening. It may be an instance where the handicapper can exploit some betting value. Another strategy handicappers use is shopping for the best betting line. If you can find an extra half-point or point somewhere or cheaper odds, it pays off in the end. Line shopping is one of the most effective and easiest handicapping tools out there. Power Rankings Most every sport now has some form of power ranking. Take the NFL as an example. There are a number of different systems that rank teams from best to worst. A handicapper can even create his own power ranking system. Using a power ranking system can help a handicapper find out if a team is being over- or undervalued. Outside Factors There are a number of things, unrelated to actual game play, that go into a handicapper’s ultimate decision on a game. Home-field advantage is one. Using the NFL again, playing in Seattle or at Lambeau Field in Green Bay in late December is an advantage for the home team. The weather also comes into play in decision-making. Playing football in cold, wet, and rainy conditions can affect a team that relies heavily on its passing game. Looking at an injury report is another tool for the handicapper. A recent example from the NFL is the San Francisco 49ers. The defending NFC champions were a favorite to win Super Bowl LV, but a number of injuries may prevent them from winning their division again. Each of these factors plays a role in the outcome of a game. The best handicappers use them as handicapping tools in their decision-making process. Betting Trends Handicappers will often look at trends and analyze how they may affect the outcome of an event. A team that has won several games in a row might be due for a loss. A team that is very competitive and keeps games close covers the spread in over 60 percent of its games. These types of trends can be analyzed by handicappers when they set their final decisions on games. is working on bringing you a premium stat package that include the trends you need to know. Buying Picks As mentioned, handicappers tools can include using a pick service to buy picks and use that information to help them make decisions. There is a new pick service out there that is getting rave reviews. They are Action Sports Picks. Think about it. Buying picks is an easy way to bypass some of the research that a handicapper needs to do in order to come up with his picks. Why not use the research done by someone else, compare it to your own and use it in your handicapping? The best handicappers are going to use all of the tools at their disposal. Using a pick service is simply one of those tools that can be used to make well-informed, smart betting decisions.

With six weeks of the NFL season in the books, there are definitely some NFL betting trends emerging. Whether it’s the league as a whole or individual teams, looking back can guide future bets. HR WAGER OFFERS LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Any edge a bettor can gain is welcome when trying to win against the NFL oddsmaking juggernaut. Over My Head The biggest betting story of the first four weeks was the number of games that paid out on the over. The over/under bet is usually tough, but not to start the 2020 season. Through Week 4, there was a 12-game differential between games paying out the over versus the under bet. That was reversed a bit in Week 5, with eight of 14 games going to the under. Still, through Week 5, the over has a 10-game advantage over the under. Scoring in the league is up, and the oddsmakers were a little late to the party. The combination provided a good opportunity for over bettors. Week 6 is critical to determine if both league defenses and sportsbook operators have made the proper adjustments. If not, it could be uncharacteristically easy money if neither party gets better. Did you know that America’s Bookie is the best option for 5Dimes Sportsbook customers? Perfect All the Way Around The Green Bay Packers are surprising fans, other teams and, more significantly, oddsmakers in 2020. Their NFL betting trends are quite strong. They are 4-0 and outscoring opponents by almost 13 points a game. They’re also undefeated against the spread, covering by an average of just under 11 a game. The Packers are the only team still perfect against the spread, and they’re also 3-1 in the over. They’re on a roll, and that trend could point the way to some profitable wagers. Week 6 has Green Bay as a 1.5-point favorite at Tampa Bay with a 54.5 point over/under. NFL Betting Trends On the other end of the spectrum stand the New York Jets, who might be setting records for betting futility. They’re 0-5 on the field with an average loss margin of 17 points, and they’ve also failed to cover. Not only haven’t they covered, but they’ve come up short against the spread by an average of 11 points. The Dallas Cowboys are having a rough season yet still find themselves leading the NFC East. Unfortunately for anyone wagering on America’s Team to beat the spread at some point, they’ve come up empty. Now without their starting quarterback, it could get even rougher for the Cowboys. NEED TO KNOW > WHY LINE SHOPPING IS A GOOD STRATEGY Close But No Cigar The Los Angeles Chargers have managed to play five one-possession games, losing four of them in dramatic fashion. They may be 1-4 on the field but are 4-1 against the spread by the thinnest of margins. Twice they covered by half a point, and in the game they didn’t cover, it was by a point. Still Pursuing the 1973 Dolphins Besides the Packers, there are three other teams who have yet to lose a game in the 2020 NFL season. The last team to complete a season with an undefeated record was the 1973 Miami Dolphins. Are you willing to bet that the Packers, Steelers, Titans or Seahawks can duplicate the feat?