Advantages of live betting are plenty, and it is the newest trend to hit the sportsbetting game. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so thanks primarily to the growth of technology. It seems as though new breakthroughs occur at a breakneck pace. As previously stated, one of the newer trends gaining traction to sports gambling is live betting. Now, bettors can place wagers on virtually any sporting event after the event has started. In-play betting is an awesome addition to an already large betting board at most sportsbooks. LEARN MORE: ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS LIVE IN-GAME BETTING TIPS Smarter bettors take advantage of live betting situations because of the benefits they can receive. Not only is live betting fun; it can be profitable too. Additional Betting Market There are always a multitude of bets on the board for say, the NFL in a given week. The live betting board adds even more possible wagers for bettors to choose from.  Smarter bettors can be watching an NFL game and bet on the next play. Will it be a run or a pass? Will the next play result in a first down? These and more are offered all game long. One thing bettors love is choices and live betting adds more betting choices. Advantages of Live Betting - Feel of the Game Instead of having to make a pre-game decision on a point spread or total, bettors can get a feel for the game while watching. Pre-game research is important but sometimes can be flawed which leads to bad decisions. Watching the live action of a game gives a bettor clues as to momentum and can lead to more informed betting decisions. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Pay for sports picks for better betting results. Avoid a Bad Beat Say you’ve decided to back an NFL favorite. Just prior to gametime, the favorite’s starting quarterback is declared out and the backup starts the game.  The favorite falls behind by two touchdowns early in the first quarter. In a live betting scenario, you could have held off on that pre-game bet and then wagered accordingly after the start of the game.  The Injury Factor Just as a player can miss an entire game, there are situations when players are injured during the course of a game. Those injuries can have a significant impact on a game’s outcome. When a player like LeBron James or James Harden is injured early on in a game and has to leave the court, their teams don’t often perform up to their capabilities. In-play betting allows you to adjust to those types of injury situations and bet accordingly. DID YOU KNOW? AMERICA’S BOOKIE IS THE BEST OPTION FOR 5DIMES SPORTSBOOK CUSTOMERS Hedging Your Bets One of the more underrated benefits of live betting is hedging your bets. Let’s say you make a pre-game bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win at -120. Things are looking good and the Dodgers lead 2-0 after the first two innings. At that point, one of your live betting options is offering the Tampa Bay Rays to win at +200. You can take that bet and, regardless of which team ends up winning, you are guaranteed a profit. Live betting offers you the ability to hedge bets and win profits. There are many advantages of live betting is extremely fun and it can be very lucrative for smarter bettors that understand how to use in-play betting effectively.

Legal sports betting is expanding across the country. More and more people are discovering a new and more interactive way to enjoy their love of sports. Betting on sports is not easy, and some of us need to realize maybe it’s time to pay for sports picks. So the question is always asked: Are the experts really experts? When it comes to picking winners, can I be as successful as they are? LOOKING FOR PREMIUM NFL PICKS? GO CHECK OUT ACTION SPORTS PICKS [caption id=\"attachment_856\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] Get on the right side of the action[/caption] The answers are yes, they really are experts. And yes, you too can be a successful sports bettor. But only if you have the time to dedicate yourself to knowing everything there is to know about sports. Of course, chances are quite good that you don\'t have the time. Or the resources. Or the patience to learn everything required to be an expert in sports betting.  So what do you do? Advantages of Paying for Sports Picks You don\'t have the time, but since we\'re talking betting, you probably do have some money. And spending a little money to make a little more is a good investment. Action Sports Picks has a wide array of sports picks at great prices. When you pay for an expert\'s sports picks, you benefit in the following ways: Time: They spend their time learning about matchups, injuries, schedules, rest, and team tendencies so you don\'t have to. Time is money, making the small fee to free up your time a worthwhile transaction. Information: Information in today\'s world is a bit of a Catch-22. It\'s everywhere, which can be a good thing. But there is so much of it, at times, it\'s hard to find the reliable information.  Sports betting experts have parsed the information. They\'ve found the sources that best help find the values in point spreads. And then they pass that knowledge along to you. Options: Back in the 1980s, when you paid for a tout service, you paid for one opinion. If that person bought into a bad philosophy, had less knowledge in a particular sport or was struggling for other reasons, you were stuck with it.  But in today\'s online world, a sports betting service like offers more. It has an entire list of handicappers for you to choose from.  You can see its successes and failures and by sport. You know the real history of the expert you are following. So when you do decide to put down your money, you\'re making a more informed bet. READ MORE: HANDICAPPING TOOLS USED BY THE PROS Getting Started with Paid Picks If you have never paid an expert for their sports picks, don\'t be intimidated. The smarter bettor will pay for sports picks regularly. Start small and start cheap. The less you pay for picks, the less profit you need to win to cover the cost. Most bet picking services will offer single bet picks or season memberships. Your small and cheap start means that you should start with a single pick. And then another.  And another from a different handicapper. You\'ll find the service - or even the individual handicapper - that works best for you. And that\'s when you take the next step forward and pay for a season of reliable sports picks.

Ever wonder how the pros handicap games? The handicapping tools that they use? It’s not like it’s a well-guarded secret contained in one of those space-age looking briefcases attached to the handicapper’s arm by a handcuff. In the sports handicapping process, the pros use a number of tools to help them come to a conclusion about a certain sporting event. Surprising to some is that handicappers will buy sports picks from a pick service. Using a pick service is just one of many tools a handicapper has at his disposal. Applying Betting Strategies One of the simplest strategies handicappers employ is betting against the public, also known as contrarian betting. Recreational bettors tend to throw their money at games that receive more hype. When it is reported by a sportsbook that 70 or 80 percent of the public is backing a certain team, handicappers start looking to the other side of the bet. Handicappers will also watch the market for any major line moves. A line change from -1 to -3 indicates something is happening. It may be an instance where the handicapper can exploit some betting value. Another strategy handicappers use is shopping for the best betting line. If you can find an extra half-point or point somewhere or cheaper odds, it pays off in the end. Line shopping is one of the most effective and easiest handicapping tools out there. Power Rankings Most every sport now has some form of power ranking. Take the NFL as an example. There are a number of different systems that rank teams from best to worst. A handicapper can even create his own power ranking system. Using a power ranking system can help a handicapper find out if a team is being over- or undervalued. Outside Factors There are a number of things, unrelated to actual game play, that go into a handicapper’s ultimate decision on a game. Home-field advantage is one. Using the NFL again, playing in Seattle or at Lambeau Field in Green Bay in late December is an advantage for the home team. The weather also comes into play in decision-making. Playing football in cold, wet, and rainy conditions can affect a team that relies heavily on its passing game. Looking at an injury report is another tool for the handicapper. A recent example from the NFL is the San Francisco 49ers. The defending NFC champions were a favorite to win Super Bowl LV, but a number of injuries may prevent them from winning their division again. Each of these factors plays a role in the outcome of a game. The best handicappers use them as handicapping tools in their decision-making process. Betting Trends Handicappers will often look at trends and analyze how they may affect the outcome of an event. A team that has won several games in a row might be due for a loss. A team that is very competitive and keeps games close covers the spread in over 60 percent of its games. These types of trends can be analyzed by handicappers when they set their final decisions on games. is working on bringing you a premium stat package that include the trends you need to know. Buying Picks As mentioned, handicappers tools can include using a pick service to buy picks and use that information to help them make decisions. There is a new pick service out there that is getting rave reviews. They are Action Sports Picks. Think about it. Buying picks is an easy way to bypass some of the research that a handicapper needs to do in order to come up with his picks. Why not use the research done by someone else, compare it to your own and use it in your handicapping? The best handicappers are going to use all of the tools at their disposal. Using a pick service is simply one of those tools that can be used to make well-informed, smart betting decisions.

With six weeks of the NFL season in the books, there are definitely some NFL betting trends emerging. Whether it’s the league as a whole or individual teams, looking back can guide future bets. HR WAGER OFFERS LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Any edge a bettor can gain is welcome when trying to win against the NFL oddsmaking juggernaut. Over My Head The biggest betting story of the first four weeks was the number of games that paid out on the over. The over/under bet is usually tough, but not to start the 2020 season. Through Week 4, there was a 12-game differential between games paying out the over versus the under bet. That was reversed a bit in Week 5, with eight of 14 games going to the under. Still, through Week 5, the over has a 10-game advantage over the under. Scoring in the league is up, and the oddsmakers were a little late to the party. The combination provided a good opportunity for over bettors. Week 6 is critical to determine if both league defenses and sportsbook operators have made the proper adjustments. If not, it could be uncharacteristically easy money if neither party gets better. Did you know that America’s Bookie is the best option for 5Dimes Sportsbook customers? Perfect All the Way Around The Green Bay Packers are surprising fans, other teams and, more significantly, oddsmakers in 2020. Their NFL betting trends are quite strong. They are 4-0 and outscoring opponents by almost 13 points a game. They’re also undefeated against the spread, covering by an average of just under 11 a game. The Packers are the only team still perfect against the spread, and they’re also 3-1 in the over. They’re on a roll, and that trend could point the way to some profitable wagers. Week 6 has Green Bay as a 1.5-point favorite at Tampa Bay with a 54.5 point over/under. NFL Betting Trends On the other end of the spectrum stand the New York Jets, who might be setting records for betting futility. They’re 0-5 on the field with an average loss margin of 17 points, and they’ve also failed to cover. Not only haven’t they covered, but they’ve come up short against the spread by an average of 11 points. The Dallas Cowboys are having a rough season yet still find themselves leading the NFC East. Unfortunately for anyone wagering on America’s Team to beat the spread at some point, they’ve come up empty. Now without their starting quarterback, it could get even rougher for the Cowboys. NEED TO KNOW > WHY LINE SHOPPING IS A GOOD STRATEGY Close But No Cigar The Los Angeles Chargers have managed to play five one-possession games, losing four of them in dramatic fashion. They may be 1-4 on the field but are 4-1 against the spread by the thinnest of margins. Twice they covered by half a point, and in the game they didn’t cover, it was by a point. Still Pursuing the 1973 Dolphins Besides the Packers, there are three other teams who have yet to lose a game in the 2020 NFL season. The last team to complete a season with an undefeated record was the 1973 Miami Dolphins. Are you willing to bet that the Packers, Steelers, Titans or Seahawks can duplicate the feat?

Football bettors looking for a bigger return on investment will often turn to betting NFL parlays. This is the ultimate risk/reward bet but there are some general tips to keep in mind to maximize that return. At the top of the list is where you place a parlay bet. Offshore sportsbooks offering action on NFL parlays are at the top of the list. They have been catering to US players since the late 1990’s. These online books know and understand the sports betting industry inside and out. HR WAGER OFFERS LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT You will find much more favorable terms and conditions for a parlay play at these online books. Overall payouts are higher and you can bet up to 15 teams. There is also a wider array of options when it comes to placing an actual parlay bet. Offshore books operating online are not restricted in the same way that many US books are due to individual state regulations. Only Parlay The NFL Games You Love Grouping two or more NFL games together in a parlay bet can boost your return. Yet, it also lowers your probability to actually win. That is why you should use the picks you absolutely love in any parlay play. Reaching for a pick to add to a parlay is the worst thing you can do. You are now relying heavily on luck as opposed to your handicapping skills. MUST READ > America’s Bookie is Best Option for 5Dimes Sportsbook Customers Limit The Teams When Betting NFL Parlays Too many bettors get sucked in by the high returns offered by online books. Anyone would love to turn a $10 bet on an eight-team parlay into $17,500 but that is way more easier said than done. The more teams you add to a parlay play, the more that bet moves in the house’s favor. The ideal parlay play should two or three teams max. You can earn $2.645 on every dollar you bet in a two-team parlay. Those odds jump to 6-to-1 for a parlay grouping three teams. After that, the probability of cashing in drops way down. If you want to take a flyer on a higher number of teams, lower the amount bet accordingly. For example, if bet $50 on a three-team parlay then drop that bet to $5 on a nine or 10 team play. Look for Enhanced Payouts Some online books will offer weekly NFL parlays with boosted odds. However, the book picks the teams you have to play. For example, there may be a LA Special with the Los Angeles Rams and Las Angeles Chargers at 2.75-to-1 odds. RELATED LINK: SHOULD YOU PARLAY UFC FIGHTS? If you love those two plays, then this parlay booster would be a good bet. When betting NFL parlays, boosters are a great way to enhance your return. However, you still need to make sure you love the actual plays. Use Parlays Sparingly The smarter bettor knows there is a reason why most pros stay away from betting NFL parlays. They would rather bet three individual games with the hopes of winning two. A 66 winning percentage over the course of the entire season would produce an excellent return. Hitting all three games only happens every once and a while for even the best NFL handicappers. The winning percentage for recreational bettors can be much lower. NFL parlays are a great way to add more excitement to your Sunday afternoons. However, you should use low unit parlay plays as a way to supplement your overall NFL betting strategy. They should not be the focal point.

5Dimes sportsbook customers were surprised and saddened to learn of the shutting down of the operation. Now, it’s on to find another sportsbook that can be trusted, one that will open its doors and welcome 5Dimes sportsbook customers like family. [caption id=\"attachment_382\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] America\'s Bookie treats you like family[/caption] Boost Your NFL Betting Bankroll With America’s Bookie Reward Program That sportsbook is America’s Bookie, which has survived the industry while many other books have come and gone. With over 12 years in the business, the family-like online bookie has outlasted the competition by providing what bettors want and more. Trust & Reliability 5Dimes sportsbook customers maintained their accounts because of the reputation of the company. They knew they could trust that their personal and financial information was safe. Players knew they could always get into their betting accounts at any time of day or night and place wagers. That same safety, security, and reliability is one of the reasons why bettors prefer America’s Bookie over many of the larger sportsbooks in the industry. Another big reason bettors like the mid-size sportsbook is the friendly, family-like feel. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant every week. LOOK! 5Dimes Sportsbook Customers are Switching to America’s Bookie America’s Bookie Contests Where can you win $333 for just being a sportsbook customer? The answer, of course, is at America’s Bookie. 5Dimes customers can open a new account and deposit at least $300 to get into the 33 Club. With the NFL season in full swing, new players can get in on the NFL 33 Club. Make the deposit and then pick one team. If that team scores exactly 33 points in a game this season, the bettor wins $333.  They do not have to wager on the game their team played in. It’s just one of those extra perks that a sportsbook like America’s Bookie can offer to its loyal customers. They are known to be the best NFL sportsbook in the business. Bonuses & Promotions If the 33 Club isn’t enough for former 5Dimes sportsbook customers, the other bonuses and promotions will surely catch their eye. There is always free money for bettors at America’s Bookie. There is a huge welcome bonus on your first deposit into your new account. From then on, players can receive up to a 100 percent cash back bonus on all future deposits. If that’s not enough, there are referral bonuses. Refer a friend and get a 10 percent bonus. Refer a second and get a 15 percent bonus. A third referral will get you a 20 percent bonus.  If you were waiting for a “but wait there’s more,” here it is. But wait, there’s more. There is even gambler’s insurance for players. How about getting 10 percent cash back on your net losses in a month?  These are the types of perks that keep loyal customers coming back for more. It’s not just the perks though. America’s Bookie customers continue to come back because they feel confident in their information being safe and secure. They love the user experience and they love the fact that their sportsbook isn’t going anywhere. Former 5Dimes customers in search of a new sportsbook can find a new home at America’s Bookie. It’s where smarter bettors are signing up. The door will be open when you’re ready.

As we enter Week 4 of the NFL season, a handful of playoff hopefuls find themselves in desperate situations. If you’re a bettor in a desperate situation, it’s time to bet smarter NFL Week 4. Houston and Minnesota, who meet on Sunday, are both 0-3 and even with a win are facing uphill battles. Although the Philadelphia Eagles are winless at 0-2-1, they’re only a half-game behind in the atrocious NFC East. AMERICA’S BOOKIE WEEKLY FOOTBALL SQUARES CONTEST IS BACK There are still seven undefeated teams, two of them in the NFC North, with the Packers and the Bears in control. Meanwhile, the aforementioned NFC East is a combined 1-8-1 against teams outside of the division. The Eagles could find themselves in first place with a win over the Niners and losses by Dallas and Washington. The Pack is Back and Rolling The Green Bay Packers are 3-0, have covered in all three games, and are winning by more than 12 points a game. Their games have also blown away the over/under by an average of over 20 points a game. This week, the Packers are 7.5-point favorites against visiting Atlanta with a season-high over/under of 57.5. The winless Falcons are the hard-luck story of 2020, blowing fourth-quarter leads in their last two games. If you\'re looking to bet smarter NFL Week 4, you\'d know they are averaging 30 points on offense, but have given up 36 points a game defensively. That’s not a good statistic when facing a team that leads the league in points scored. To put the Packers’ 40.7 average points in perspective, the Seahawks are next in scoring at 36.7 points a game. No other team in the NFC averages more than 30 points, and the Texans lead the AFC at 31.7. Green Bay’s points against average is in the middle of the NFC pack, so they are a considerable force. EDITOR’S CHOICE: BE A SMARTER BETTOR Although the oddsmakers have climbed the ladder to post that high over/under, it just might not be enough. The Falcons have scored enough points to stay close the last two weeks, but it hasn’t netted a victory. They’re 1-2 against the spread and will need to find a new gear on defense against the Packers. Seahawks Head East The Seattle Seahawks (-6.5) embark on the longest trip in the NFL, making the 3,300-mile journey to Miami. They’ve taken care of the Panthers, Patriots and Cowboys on their way to a 3-0 record. They are the only team other than the Packers to go unblemished against the spread this season. Anyone looking for free NFL picks might see them published in the next few weeks. Quarterback Russell Wilson is performing like a surgeon, completing 79 of 103 passes for 925 yards and 14 touchdowns. He’s also rushed for 90 yards on 14 carries, just enough to keep opposing defenses on their heels. Defensively, they’re giving up over 430 yards per game through the air, but have also grabbed four interceptions. The Dolphins started with two losses but looked like a different team in a 31-13 win at Jacksonville. They’re probably better than their record indicates since their opening losses were to New England and Buffalo. They’ve managed to cover the spread in two of their three games. The over/under for the game is 54, with point totals of games of the two teams averaging 55.3. If the Miami defense shows up like it did in Jacksonville, the under could be the smart bet in this one.

Here we go! Lakers Nuggets Game 4. The Denver Nuggets knew that while they demonstrated the ability to come back from a large deficit, banking on doing that over and over and over again was not going to be a good strategy to get to the NBA Finals. And to come back from 3-0 was going to be damn near impossible. That\'s why it was so critical that they not let Game 3 of the Western Conference finals get away from them. And they didn\'t, beating the Los Angeles Lakers and making a series of it. BetAnySports customers need to take a close look at that result and consider that the Nuggets could conceivably be a game ahead in this best-of-seven. In fact, if that is the way you feel, you may take a long look at the series price that is currently posted. Going into Game 4, slated for 9 PM ET on Thursday, the Lakers are bloated -1250 favorites at top online sportsbooks, with Denver at +800. Of course, after roaring back from 3-1 deficits against both Utah and the L.A. Clippers, it\'s hard to write this team off. And we say even with the realization that they don\'t necessarily match up as well against the Lakers as they did against their previous two foes. Should we explain that? Well, the Nuggets saw that the growing trend in the NBA was to go \"smaller\" with lineups, so they went bigger. And they could do it, too, because they had the big people to do it with, including perhaps the most versatile center in the game. Nikola Jokic can play inside or go outside to shoot jump shots, and he is a playmaker. He led the team in assists this season, in fact. Denver can be \"big\" if it wants to, all across the front line. But the Lakers have depth, in terms of its size. Think about it; the Lakers could have Anthony Davis at center, or at power forward alongside JaVale McGee. They bring a three-time Defensive Player of the Year (Dwight Howard) off the bench. They can guard the rim, and they also get points in the paint, as you\'ll read about in a minute. Here are the numbers..... In the NBA playoff betting odds poste don this game by the folks at BetAnySports, the Lakers are favored: Los Angeles Lakers -6 Denver Nuggets +6 Over 214.5 points -110 Under 214.5 points  -110 Lakers need a little \"long-ball\" Listen - there is no question that the Lakers have outside shooters, like Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma. But they are operating best when they are operating on the inside, and/or attacking the rim. Naturally, with LeBron James, they can attack the rim. But it\'s not as if they can get by with nothing from three-point range. That was the situation they were left with in Game 3, as they went a putrid 6-of-28 (21.4%) from beyond the arc, even as they were hitting 65% from two-point range and tallying 64 points in the paint. Nuggets hit the glass Here\'s the thing - Denver hit just above 65% from inside the arc, and the battle of the boards was no contest. Denver had the 44-25 edge, and Davis had just TWO rebounds. NBA betting odds for Lakers Nuggets Game 4 represent these stats. Denver didn\'t exactly cheat any of its big people out of playing time, but still, McGee and Howard only got 22 combined minutes of action. Lakers coach Frank Vogel had indicated that he was going to make liberal use of those two in this series. So what do the Lakers need? They need to stretch the Denver defense, for one thing. And maybe they need to put Howard and McGee on the court more. Doc Rivers has taken criticism, both publicly and privately, for not going bigger against Jokic. There\'s been some discussion about the Nuggets needing to find scoring outlets in addition to the spectacular Jokic-Jamal Murray duo. They got some of that in Game 3, with 26 points out of Jerami Grant and 14 off the bench from Monte Morris. And the bottom line is..... We could actually incorporate all the stats and analytics we want. What might be the operative factor here is that the Nuggets have all the confidence in the world. They could have been crushed over losing Game 2 with that buzzer-beating triple by Anthony Davis, but the way they look at it, they feel they are the better team because they should be up 2-1 in the series. It\'s what enabled them to beat back a huge 19-2 run by the Lakers that made things competitive in the fourth quarter Tuesday night. So while LeBron James seems overly concerned with how many MVP votes he\'s gotten, or paying the fines of convicted felons so they can vote for his candidate, Nikola Jokic, more deserving of the MVP but a recipient of neither a first nor second place vote (without cry-babying, as far as we\'re aware) will lead his team to a covering effort. And we\'re on the \"over\" as well in Lakers Nuggets Game 4. Even with the lack of three-point production (the Nuggets were just 11-29), they went over the total in Game 3. They\'ve combined to shoot 50% overall. By Charles Jay BetAnySports has all the great options for you when it comes to NBA playoff betting. And don\'t forget that you can take advantage of reduced juice to give you better odds....... During the game, you can place wagers in real-time with the help of Sports Betting Prime....... Open up an account using your debit or credit card, person-to-person transfers or the virtual currency of Bitcoin, which is fast and easy with their automated system, and NEVER incurs a transaction fee!

One of the hardest things in sports betting is the most obvious: winning. But it helps to be a smarter bettor.  A lot of people think winning is inevitable if you\'re someone who knows sports, knows the players, and, most importantly, knows the games on a game-by-game basis.  But the fact is, most people don\'t realize that sports betting is completely separate from just betting on a sport. If you don\'t know the industry, strategies, and tactics that pro bettors employ to win their games, you\'re not going to do the most important thing there is: win. AMERICA’S BOOKIE OFFERS BONUSES TIED TO DEPOSITS ALL FOOTBALL SEASON Winning is all there is in the realm of sports betting. If you\'re not doing everything in your power to win as much as possible, then you\'re going to realize quicker than most that it\'s probably not the best thing that you can do. There is no doubt that if you\'re going to lose out on the opportunities to master the realm of sports betting. Then you\'ll learn quicker than most that it\'s going to be a challenge. But there are a few ways you can maximize your ability as a bettor. If you\'re tired of things coming up short for yourself individually. Here are a few wagering tips that will help you be a smarter bettor, no matter the sport. Follow Sharp Action One of the easiest ways to be a smarter bettor is following sharp action. There are many resources online to try and do that, and one of the best ways to do that is by following those reporting on sharp action.  Buyer beware: Some of these places know that bettors think sharp action means sure winners, but you also have to keep in mind that there are sharp bettors that often misdirect sharp chasers with head fakes. Getting You Ready for the 2020 Football Season What\'s the reason for head fakes? Head fakes are important because if a sharp group of bettors is trying to move a line, they might put a lot of money on one side when they really want the other side. They will wait for a bookmaker to move the line in their favorable direction, and when that happens, they\'ll smash the right side. Remember, sharp bettors lose too, but in general, keep an eye on where the big money action goes, and then you\'ll be able to capitalize. It’s easy, just be a smarter bettor. Don\'t Invest Too Much Time in Sports Media This needs to be said: you\'re not going to gain anything substantive from sports media. Outside of majorly critical storyline angles (i.e., arch-nemesis coaches face off for a touted reason), there is absolutely no reason to invest time in sports media. In fact, it can be said that with the proliferation of sports betting in the United States, you\'re going to get access to more disinformation than anything else, and this means that you\'ll be losing more! Stop investing time in sports media and instead focus on being a smarter bettor. So how does that happen? It starts with Visit us today, and you\'ll be on a fast track to winning in no time at all!

The NFL is here, but there is no doubt that those handicapping NFL Week 1 are facing the age-old challenge that most folks encounter when they are trying to wager on what is arguably the hardest sport to make a profit on. AMERICA’S BOOKIE WEEKLY FOOTBALL SQUARES CONTEST IS BACK The reality is that there are a myriad of reasons the NFL is a challenging handicap, and while some of it has to do with the obvious unknowns of the season, there are additional factors as well. The Unknown of NFL Week 1 This is one of the most obvious reasons, but without doubt, one of the chief reasons the NFL season, particularly Week 1, is so challenging is due in large part to the unknown of it all. When it’s a new season, every game is the first time the two teams within the context of the new season and year are playing. This means that, absent the preseason games, we don’t really have any idea how the squads will objectively perform on the football field. The smarter bettor will have an advantage this season like no other. This puts added pressure on handicappers because there is pressure to make snap calls as to how teams are going to perform when it’s all said and done. But regardless, there is no doubt that there are those who think they can make an easy call, when in reality, it’s not so easy! Especially in 2020, where there was no preseason and many unprecedented changes to the flow of the game, it’s very hard to account for how it will eventually play out, making it very hard for handicappers to make a clear decision on what games are what. Week 1 Game Picks | NFL 2020 Limited Situational Opportunities In gambling, betting on a situation is always a good spot to make some money and a good place to start handicapping NFL Week 1. A coach lost a loved one the past week before the game? This is a great spot to see the team play their hearts out for him.  Did a team lose a key cog, and everyone is overvaluing the loss and counting them out? That’s a great spot to take the team missing the supposedly critical and ultra-integral player. This will be a great season to look at betting NFL regular season props. Plain and simple, there are so many reasons that people might bet on a game, but when you’re betting from the Week 1 context, you don’t have that same ability to bet based on a single narrative. Situational narrative opportunities are obviously not surefire guaranteed ways of making wagers, but for many bettors, they are one of the better (no pun intended) ways to come out on the winning side, especially when you’re getting a lot of value on the opposite side. MUST READ: CHOOSING A NFL SPORTSBOOK Volatility The NFL is an inherently volatile sport. When you’ve got a bunch of teams who are completely untested and getting inflated lines, you’re bound for some wacky outcomes.  This is why in Week 1, you need to stay away from public darlings and be a little contrarian. But remember, contrarianism can bite you back, so don’t fall too much in love with favorites or underdogs. Either way, being a winner in Week 1 is still easily achievable, so hang tough!